【Workshops】Hualien Creek Kayak・Free city shuttle

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The Hualien Creek canoe, suitable for all seasons, combines a smooth and wide stream section with an exciting rapids experience. From the beginning of the Miscanthus water point, every time you pass a section, there will be a completely different view. The coastal mountains The magnificence and the coolness of the stream break into your heart.
2021/5/20 (Thu
活動日 3 天前需付款完成
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Taiwan / Hualien County
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Aged 6 and over
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【Workshops】Hualien Creek Kayak・Free city shuttle

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**△ Before registering for the event, please read the following precautions carefully. After completing the registration, you are deemed to agree to Uniquefun’s rules for you to play △** **Google 4.8 stars, more than 300 real reviews!** https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51157605656_c240d118dc_b.jpg When you come to Hualien, you can't miss the canoeing experience of the Rift Valley Creek. Let's start with the Jianying Bridge in the middle of Hualien Creek... Go down the river, cooperate with your friends next to you, paddling on the clear and visible river, admire the river valley scenery along the way, and see flocks of birds flying by from time to time, away from the work pressure between cities and technological indifference; The torrent stimulates adrenaline, and it’s fun to capsize! Enjoy the singing of insects and birds in the gentle area. It is comfortable to squint. The breeze brushes your cheeks, taking away the heat of the sun, and soaking in the cool river water to wash away your tiredness; you can enjoy the river valley in winter to the end of spring. The magnificent Miscanthus grass on the side took the most beautiful photos. In summer, I watched the watermelon field to quench my thirst. When the journey is over, I will buy a glass of watermelon juice! A canoe tour of the Rift Valley Streams that is not prone to seasickness, welcomes friends of all ages over 6 years old, the season is not limited, and you can have fun throughout the year! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51154732591_3d5954f6d1_b.jpg **|Experience content|** ・Free city shuttle (please choose according to the situation) ・Full equipment ・Basic teaching and coaching ・Public accident liability insurance ・Assist in taking pictures ・Itinerary guide ・If you need English service, please call us three days in advance. We will try our best to arrange it without extra charge (you can give foreign volunteers with tips and tips). **|Experience Instructions|** ・**Experience time**: Approximately 4 hours (including traffic connections) Actually, it depends on the actual situation: https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51155826345_3aa8be9ea7_c.jpg ・**Meeting time**: 7:00 AM ・**Meeting location**: 1. Free shuttle service in the urban area (excluding Biyunzhuang area), please be sure to contact our Line "connection location" after booking (LINE ID: @ndn7492h) *Reminder: If there are a large number of people on the day, you may need to use the bus to connect, and the connection location may be changed to Hualien Railway Station. We will send you the exact connection time and location the day before the event, thank you! 2. Free shuttle service outside the city, please gather at "Hualien Railway Station" first 3. Go to the event location by yourself, no connection is required (announced by the organizer the day before) Connection area map: https://uniquefuntw.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Connect_map.png ・****: Anyone over the age of 6 can participate, and those under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by their parents; due to safety considerations, please make sure that you are in good health, such as those with sudden diseases such as heart disease, major diseases, Patients with epilepsy and pregnant women with cardiovascular disease, asthma, and pregnant women, please do not register. ・**Number of**: 1 person can sign up, and 4 people can make the trip. If the number of participants is not reached, the organizer will notify the extension or cancellation ・**Fee includes**: Free Hualien city shuttle (detailed above) / basic teaching / coach guidance fee / public accident liability insurance / itinerary guide / assistance with taking pictures ・**Fee does not include**: Breakfast / unspecified transportation expenses / personal consumption / winter clothes **|Notes|** ・The event schedule will be adjusted according to the conditions of the participants/facilities/weather factors, taking safety and overall quality as the highest consideration. ・Beyond the activity time, never approach the dangerous area without authorization to avoid accidents due to unattended. ・If the weather or on-site conditions are not good during the event, please follow the instructions of the coach and team leader. ・Use team spirit to assist teammates and do not leave the team to move on their own. ・For irresistible factors such as typhoons, earthquakes, heavy rains and road conditions, the company reserves the right to change the itinerary, such as postponement or cancellation. ・If there are changes due to factors such as weather or event venues, we will notify you by phone in advance. ・Activity clothing: Please wear light clothing or swimsuits. Those who are afraid of getting sun-dried, please wear thin long clothes and trousers. Those who are short-sighted, please try to wear contact lenses. **|Intimate reminder|** ・Please bring enough water, sunscreen, anti-mosquito, rain gear and other supplies. ・Please do not bring valuables. ・No washing service outdoors. **|Uniquefun lets you play and experience travel|** Uniquefun is an innovative experience travel company in Hualien. The spirit we uphold is just like the name of the company. We want to bring guests the most unique and interesting travel experience. Private houses are up to you! All the experience activities are designed and explored by all the staff working together to go up and down the mountain and the sea! Many experiences are even carried out in private places that even the locals don't know about! **spirit** Let travelers who come to Hualien experience brand new outdoor activities, experience the beauty of Hualien’s secrets in depth, brand new gameplay, and unique travel **idea** We are committed to becoming an expert in Hualien's in-depth experience tourism, so we continue to innovate gameplay and develop secrets to enrich our product line, so that friends who come to Hualien can have a deeper understanding of the secrets of Hualien. **the goal** At present, there are more than 20 kinds of gameplays in completed activities, and there are about 30 kinds of gameplays in the plan. In the future, there will be more than 100 kinds of gameplays in Hualien. **Feature** 1. All activities are self-designed and developed by the company; most of the activities are private houses and secret scenic spots known to local talents 2. In addition to land and water activities that you can go to on sunny days, there are also rainy days, so you don’t need to worry about canceling the itinerary if the weather is bad. 3. It’s up to you so that every guest can enjoy the beauty of Hualien and reduce the number of people in the group. Most of the itineraries are 2 people. 4. In addition to Chinese-speaking tour guides, English-speaking tour guides can also be arranged, hoping to bring each friend the most unique trip to Hualien