[Three Baby Soap Room] Essential Oil Fragrance Soy Wax

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When I was a child, the white candle lit by a sudden blackout, or the candle at the table of the hero and heroine in the idol drama? If you still think that the role of candles is only lighting, then you are wrong!

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[Three Baby Soap Room] Essential Oil Fragrance Soy Wax

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In recent years, scented candles have flourished, and they can be seen everywhere in cafes, western restaurants and other places. All kinds of sentimental buffs are full of romance. You must not know the beauty of aromatherapy... Just as our perfume can increase our overall confidence, indoor aromatherapy can also improve the quality of our lives. High-quality scented candles are rich in essential oils and have a fragrance and smokeless effect. Not only are they harmless to health, but not only that, scented candles are also the best regulator of home atmosphere. Imagine, when you come home after a busy day, you can smell a faint scent as soon as you enter the door, do you feel that all your fatigue is relaxed? And after turning off the lights at night, accompanied by fragrance and candlelight, is the soul comforted when the loneliness is the strongest in the middle of the night? Is it necessary to stock up how many cans of such a good candle? The quality of an scented candle needs to be judged from three points: appearance, candle composition and aroma. The most important thing is the ingredients. Nowadays, the price of "scented candles" on the market is generally ten to twenty yuan, but they never tell you what kind of wax they are made of. First of all, we must know that the main components of candles are different types of wax bases: paraffin wax, animal wax, soybean wax, carnauba wax and so on. The ingredients are different, and the price is of course different! paraffin Paraffin wax is extracted from petroleum. The cost is low and the process is relatively simple, but it is easy to produce black smoke on the walls and ceiling of the room, which contains the risk of disease. Low-priced candles are generally made of this material. Animal wax Animal wax comes from the fat of animal carcasses. The pollution caused by animal carcasses has always been a huge problem, and it is also a huge allergen. And is there an inexplicable sense of horror to light such a candle? Plant wax Vegetable oil is divided into soybean oil, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. It is a kind of naturally refined candle material that is most respected now. It can directly touch the skin, but the price is high. So if you want to buy scented candles, you must choose plant wax ingredients. Aromatherapy candles, soy wax is the first choice! There are so many plant waxes, but soy wax is the best quality among them. Soy wax is made by hydrogenation of soybean oil. It is a natural and environmentally friendly 100% pure soy wax, which can burn impurities in the air without annoying black smoke and can achieve the effect of purifying the air. Compared with traditional paraffin wax, soy wax does not contain harmful substances and allergens and is harmless to babies and pets. It has a low ignition point, is not hot, and the wax body remains pure white after burning. A cup of soy wax can often burn continuously for more than 40 hours. Based on the theory of aromatherapy, the products of the three dolls all use plant extracts as their main ingredients. All products are selected according to strict selection criteria to ensure the consistently excellent quality of all products. Aromatherapy with different ingredients has different effects. For example, lavender can relieve headaches and help sleep; sweet orange can make people feel comfortable. So you can choose according to your needs when buying! Three candles made of the essential oil of the scented candle in the soap room of the baby create a unique magical effect. After lighting the essential oil candle for about 10 minutes, the candle melts into essential oil, put out the candle, and pour an appropriate amount of the candle oil into the palm of the palm. It can be applied to the skin of various parts of the body like a moisturizer, and then slowly massage until absorbed. This is because the three baby soap room aromatherapy essential oil candles are rich in soybean oil, which has extremely high moisturizing and emollient effects on the skin, and helps the absorption of vitamin A and vitamin D. It can be applied to the elbow The ankle is suitable for the whole body. With it, do you need massage oil in the cold season? **Guaiac Fragrance Soy Wax/Forest Woody** Top Flavor/Guaiac Sandalwood Pool Mid-flavor/Vanilla Amber Lavender Aftertaste/Cedar Patchouli Under the busy rhythm of the city and the pressure of work, the fatigue and tension of the body and mind have become the shackles of modern people, which limit our creativity. If we can stop a little bit, we will find that it can finally bring us the love of infinite life. Is still the origin of all this life **Immortelle Shea Butter Fragrance Soy Wax/Milk Flower Scent** Top flavor/tuberose rose geranium Mid-flavor/White Magnolia Leaf Lavender Wild Tangerine Aftertaste/Grapefruit Sweet tuberose mixed with elegant floral scent, expressing Out of innocence like a girl, with rose geranium With white magnolia leaves, the sweetness doubles. fresh Grapefruit flavor, the middle flavor is elegant floral, Brings a refreshing feeling. **Chinese rose scented soybean wax/floral scent** Top flavor/Damascus rose bourbon geranium Mid-flavor/palarosa lavender After taste/rose wax Like soft rose powder, with at least 50,000 to 100,000 or more flower buds to produce rose wax, which is different from the thick powdery fragrance, the refreshing floral fragrance is a good choice, the fragrance is fresh and natural, and not obtrusive The fragrance of flowers, the most popular in autumn and winter! The floral scent can be sweet, sexy and irresistible . Capacity: 270g

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