Ice agate color watermelon tourmaline flower rich ancient money lucky big Gemstone bracelet single product

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Ice agate color watermelon tourmaline flower rich ancient money lucky big Gemstone bracelet single product

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**◈ What do the designers say** Since ancient times, agate has been a Gemstone that is full of spirituality, symbolizing wealth, wisdom and beauty. Strictly selected ice agate (jade), large round beads with colorful and clear appearance, because of the large body, you can see agate's unique ice, snow patterns, silk, rainbow light and other textures, each of which is colorful and lovely, textured Unique. The watermelon tourmalines (red and yellow watermelon roses, yellow-green watermelon ancient coins, blue-violet watermelon plum blossoms) are rare among the tourmalines that are also antique Gemstone. It has more auspicious and beautiful meanings. **Only this one, waiting for the big and gorgeous master to appear ^^** **agate** Agate, also known as "jade", is mainly composed of silica from volcanic eruptions. It is a Gemstone with relatively large output on the earth's crust, so it is one of the oldest Gemstone in history. After a volcanic eruption, the silicon dioxide melt in the natural world enters the volcanic lava pores or other rock fissures, and deposits layer by layer, in opaque, translucent, to transparent colors, forming the so-called "twisted agate" ( Those with thin layered filaments are also called "silk agate"), and those with dotted distribution are like snowflakes, commonly known as "cherry blossom agate". Agate is composed of a variety of different colors (the color of minerals), and may be concentric, corrugated, layered, or parallel strips, so there is a saying of "thousands of agates, ten thousand kinds of jade". Agate symbolizes stable energy, which can calm emotions, calm anxiety, improve vitality and vitality, strengthen personal aura and magnetic field, attract positive strength and good luck, enhance fortune, and then strengthen creativity and creativity, and inspiration flows in the process of creation. Because of its wide color gamut, agate can correspond to the seven chakras of the human body. It is a precious and beautiful treasure with both historical value and functionality. **Tourmaline** Tourmaline, also known as Stone and rainbow Gemstone, has strong energy, bright color, changeable color and high transparency, and has been loved by people since ancient times. Tourmaline is rich in color and complete in seven colors, so its energy can correspond to each chakra of the body. When selecting tourmalines, attention should be paid to their color and clarity. Most tourmalines are dichroic (multicolor symbiosis), and very few are purely monochromatic. **◈Strict selection of materials and careful control** Material: natural agate (jade), tourmaline, 18K gold, 925 Silver size: **1. The agate beads in the picture are about 17.5-18.5mm, and the overall hand circumference is about 16cm.** **2. Welcome to communicate with the designer to adjust the hand circumference. The hand circumference will not be notified when the order is placed, and the size will be shipped in the picture ^^** **3. Adjust the length (increase, reduce) to maintain the original price, if you need spare Gemstone or materials, you can communicate with the designer for it.** **◈ Looking forward to the only you to meet with** We assure you that this is a single item, not mass produced. If you need re-engraving or mass production, you must understand if you have extraordinary taste. Because it is purely hand-made, each piece cannot be 100% the same, but we will strive to make the style consistent, please give us a certain amount of time to brew each masterpiece. **◈About use and collection** 1. Natural Gemstone have natural luster and unique textures (small black spots, Stone, ice cracks, clouds, mineral deficiencies, asymmetry and other natural details), as long as you wear them often, you can observe slight color changes of natural Gemstone, usually appear more translucent, more charming, and the best maintenance method. Natural organic Gemstone(such as coral, amber, pearls, and clam shells) have low hardness and are not resistant to acid and alkali. When they are dirty, they should not be washed with detergents. They can be washed with water and wiped with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft brush. Take a small amount of mineral oil (such as baby oil) and brush lightly. 2. The service life of metal art is quite long, only avoid external damage, or fading caused by strong acid and alkali. 3. The texture of cloth (ribbon, cotton, yarn) is soft and comfortable, and the service life is quite long. Only avoid high temperature, external force damage, or strong acid and alkali to cause fading. 4. When the jewelry of any material is dirty, it should be wiped with a soft cloth dipped in water according to the situation, or an appropriate amount of neutral detergent should be used for the appropriate material, and it should be kept dry as soon as possible after washing. 5. When the jewelry is removed, it must be properly packaged and stored, and excess air must be blocked to prevent oxidation and discoloration, and do not overlap and press heavily. **◈Works packaging and after-sales maintenance** 1. If you have any questions about the works, please feel free to keep in touch. 2. For the packaging part, please love the earth with us. We insist on focusing on environmental protection and recyclability, complementing the texture of the works, so as to achieve the purposes of unique packaging, durable transportation, and easy access. 3.**Your ❤❤❤❤❤ praise makes us feel warm, and we will definitely not forget to give you gifts when repurchasing in the future**. 4. We provide life-long maintenance service for works. It is recommended that you take pictures of the works you want to update or damage and discuss with us.**Precious metal (18K gold, 925 Silver), elastic thread, silk thread, handmade and replacement costs are "all free", and the freight is borne by the consumer**, so it is recommended that you can repurchase the product when you send it for repair, and we will complete the repair Works are sent together with repurchased items, saving you on shipping.

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