[Course] Mother's Day Dry Flowers Without Withered Handmade Course 2 People Discount Table Flowers Mother Gift

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Our experience course provides you with a variety of suits and flowers for you to choose. Non-sample copy, you can choose suits, flowers, packaging materials or pots to create unique and exclusive.
2020/4/2 (Thu)
活動日 1 天前需付款完成
Workshop location
Taiwan / Taichung City
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Admission time
30 minutes before the workshop begins
Workshop duration
3 hours
Age restriction
Aged 12 and over
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Plants & Flowers
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[Course] Mother's Day Dry Flowers Without Withered Handmade Course 2 People Discount Table Flowers Mother Gift

Workshop description

[About course] ✔ Difficulty: ⭐️⭐️ ✔ Course fees include flowers and materials and tuition fees 啰. No tools are required during the lesson, they are provided on-site by the classroom ✔ Offer 2 or more people to register for the course together and enjoy a discount per person ✔ Work size: width 18 cm X length 18 cm X height 15 cm Box material: piano paint ✔ Course outline description: 1. Knowledge of basic tools and flower materials (recognize several different flower materials and how to use each flower material) 2. Non-withered flowers, flowering and processing techniques with flowers 3.Key points for color matching and configuration of flowers 4.Professional floral concepts and skills 5. Preservation and care of works [Classroom environment and lecturer team] https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49481257247_8e257e2f17_w_d.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49533345156_ff5f965b01_w_d.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49532848343_5da6db9bf0_w_d.jpg Comfortable teaching environment, small class teaching. Complete teacher group, teachers' ability is highly recognized by students, including a variety of design styles, so that you have more choices, but can take into account the quality of teaching. [Parking information around the classroom] https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49519853861_25ee7aae3e_d.jpg [Classroom traffic location] Easily accessible by train and bus https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49520579892_7fff044e5e_c_d.jpg [Features of all courses in the classroom] 1. Fundamentals: Focus on the training of basic skills and a systematic teaching process. Only by laying a good foundation can the skills stably rise. 2. Creative inspiration: non-standard fixed materials to stimulate students' creative ability and cultivate floral designers with real design ability. 3. Rich materials: With abundant flowers and materials, students' choice of materials is not limited, which stimulates students to be familiar with the application and combination of diverse materials. 4, flexible scheduling: one person can take lessons, allowing you to use your time more freely, without worrying about missing classes. 5. Purchasing discounts: Students enjoy exclusive discounts on flowers, materials and courses. [Introduction of non-withered and dried flowers] / Preserved Flower / * Non-withered flowers are made from fresh flowers, using organic dyes and artificial glycerin, and processed by special methods. They retain the tender texture of the flowers, but have no pollen allergies or insect pests. * Non-withered flowers have a water-like tender texture and can display richer colors than flowers, which can be viewed for a long time. * It is easy to take care of no withered flowers and has a long storage time, which is suitable for creating home decoration. • The most suitable storage environment for non-withered flowers is between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius and between 45 and 65% humidity. * No withered flowers and no watering, high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight should be avoided, and well-preserved non-withered flowers can be enjoyed for 2-5 years. / Dried Flower / * Dried flower is the product of natural drying of flowers. As the water evaporates, the shape of the flower will shrink and the color will change. The texture will become crispy and easy to fall, but still emit the fragrance of natural flowers. * Dry flower is a kind of flower that will fade with different degrees of time. Avoid high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight. The preservation period of dry flower (depending on the flower type) is good, which can reach half a year to several years. 【storage method】 * To avoid staining and sticking, the flower surface should be in contact with clothes, bed wall surface, wooden cabinet or wooden furniture. * If the flowers are contaminated with dust and debris, you can clean them by blowing air in the air or blowing in cold air from a hairdryer. * Please keep in a dry and ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight. * Avoid placing in dark and damp places, which is prone to mold. * It can be kept for more than 12 months if it is well kept, and natural weathering and fading over time is normal. ———————————— [About Us-Founded in 2016] I have been cultivating in Taichung for nearly five years, and have won boutique counters such as GUCCI, FENDI CHANEL, and Palace Game Company for three consecutive years. They have been making birthday flowers and public relations for VVIP. At the same time, there are many overseas recommendations. The feedback from customers continues to be received, and the most commonly received is the quality and special feeling of flower gifts that far exceed the value of the pay. Special requirements for details and exquisiteness are what we insist on! It is our daily practice to provide the perfect flower gift that meets the ideals of customers! EROS brand creative director,-Teacher Xiao Qian has a deep floral background Full of creative imagination can always lead a new style without flowering Especially with many international certificates, trained many flower seed teachers and designers for many years Among them, the natural style of German floral art is our floral style. In the past two years, it has also received attention and imitations at home and abroad. In the future, this natural style will be deeply cultivated in non-withered flowers and dry floral works. So we launched a variety of different materials (such as metal flower, candles, essential oil fragrance, artificial flowers, etc.) and floral art experience courses, hoping to pass the most natural and beautiful flowers to pass the happiness that is within your palm. Xiao Qian Teacher and Moderator-Chairman of the Republic of China Floral Arts and Culture Association * FDF German Floral Designer * IHK Professional Florist of German Industry and Commerce * Senior Instructor of the Japan National Association of Japan National Association for the Immortal Flower Examination * President of Taichung Branch of Japan ORNE Metal Non-Withering Association * Japan ORNE metal non-withered flower association overseas certification school and lecturer qualification * Japan AUBE non-withered flower association overseas certification school and lecturer qualification * Japan's BRIDES Shunji Watanabe does not wither flowers and overseas certification school and lecturer qualification * Australian Traditional Craft Association Metal Flower Arts Overseas Accredited School and Lecturer Qualification * Japan Sola Flower Association Overseas Certified School and Lecturer Qualification * Professional instructor for dry flower teacher training * President of JCA Candle Association Taiwan Branch * Japan JCA Candle Association Overseas Certified School and Lecturer Qualification * Korea KCCA Candle Association Overseas Certified School and Lecturer Qualification * Korea KCRA Candle Association overseas accredited school and lecturer qualification * Design Director of EROS Floral Brand