[Christmas gift box] Handmade colored glaze Christmas diffused gift box - selection of exchange gifts

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[Christmas gift box] Handmade colored glaze Christmas diffused gift box - selection of exchange gifts

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https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51716544457_121314587b_b.jpg Home is our corner of the world. As people often say, this is our first small universe. From every aspect of the meaning of the word, it is a real time and space. -------------- Gaston Bachelard, the poetry of space https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51718210890_99c5562d60_b.jpg Christmas is a holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus. The street lights are bright and the atmosphere is romantic. If you want to enjoy the sacred Christmas atmosphere more, I recommend you to experience the OBSESS Christmas fragrance. On the occasion of this Christmas, I wish the whole family peace and happiness, and add fragrance to the upcoming holidays. memory! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51726854760_1dce1bf820_b.jpg In the warm Christmas season, family and friends are reunited, everyone gathers together and let the aroma of Christmas flow between us! Forget about unhappy things, refresh your mood, and welcome the new year together! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51719639286_916f47c5b9_b.jpg In OBSESS Christmas fragrance, frankincense and myrrh are gifts presented to Jesus by the three Oriental Magi. At the moment of Jesus' birth, the room was filled with the fragrance of frankincense and myrrh, which shows the precious sacredness and representativeness of frankincense and myrrh. ❖The top note uses fresh, sweet, light and clean Spanish**lemon**fragrance, which relaxes the organic**bergamot**that injects new energy into life. The taste is fresh and fruity, giving people a sense of support and closeness. Just like walking in the vast and dense forest in the cold season,**Siberian fir**and**Atlantic cedar**, the fragrance and sweet woody notes give people a sense of stability and the natural healing power of the forest. Breathing to connect with oneself, feel the baptism of forest healing, repair and purify the soul, and continue to challenge. ❖The middle notes are Chiba Rose, Orange Blossom and Ylang Ylang. Of course, Christmas must be full of floral fragrance! **Rose**is called "after the flower". The essential oil extracted from the petals has a very good reputation whether it is used for maintenance or for the spiritual level. The French Chiba Rose is delicately selected here. Precious, it has a deep, rich, honey-like rose aroma, which makes people feel the gentle and healed scent, and it can also bring you soothing and relaxing. **Ylang Ylang essential oil**has an exotic floral fragrance, rich and sweet. Its beautiful floral scent gives people the hint of getting rid of melancholy, romantic feelings, and calming and relaxing scents. The most famous product of Ylang Ylang essential oil is "Chanel No. 5", which is an aphrodisiac flower from the tropics and has the title of flower within a flower. In the tropical sea breeze, the flowers that can extract essential oils gradually turn from green to yellow, with a strong fragrance, and the more the rainy season, the more brilliant they bloom. **Neroli essential oil**has a charming and noble and outstanding fragrance. In the 17th century, Princess Anna of Neroli County, Italy, liked the smell of orange blossom the most. She used the essence of this plant to perfume her clothes and body, bringing this smell to The upper-class society was accepted and widely loved by the aristocratic society. **Marjoram**has a bright and penetrating vanilla scent. It is a kind of lovely plant and has personality. This makes its scent more inspiring. You can also find a hint of "the scent of Linen " in it. "It gives people a sense of security. In ancient Greece, marjoram was a very popular and commonly used medicinal plant. Orosganos in Greek means "mountain joy". This name seems very appropriate, because people often give marjorams to newlyweds to wish them happiness. ********used as a gift to Jesus in the back notes. They have a unique position in history, medicine, religion, and culture. They were extremely precious spices in ancient times.**Vetiver**The main components of essential oil are vetiver ketone, vetiver alcohol and vetiver sesame oil hydrocarbons. It has a strong and long-lasting grass root aftertaste and sandalwood scent, which relaxes and relieves stress.**Patchouli**The oriental charm and sexy temperament exuded by essential oils can create a wonderful combination of fragrances when combined with floral and citrus notes. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51728682411_aa17faea68_b.jpg **❆Handmade glass Christmas diffuser gift box❆** ✦Product specifications✦ Handmade glazed vase (color and gray are optional) Christmas essential oil diffuser 300 ml Accessories: 5 sprigs of natural plant scented vine Christmas festive packaging gift box ✦Commodity ingredients✦ Ingredients: Essential oil, Isopropyl Myristate The top-level diffuser bottle, using a volatile liquid that guarantees safety and cosmetic grade, Selected the world’s top essential oils, passed the EOBBD certification of absolute peace of mind, Ensure pure natural essential oils, free of chemical fragrances, There are no plasticizers and fixative ingredients, Safe and worry-free contact with skin, The scented vine made from natural plants exudes unique natural gas quality. The top-level home fragrance diffuses, children, elders and pets can also feel at ease. Handmade glazed vase: length 16 cm x width 6.5 cm x height 22 cm Packaging gift box: length 33.5 cm x width 25 cm x height 11 cm Manufacturing method: 100% handmade Origin: Taiwan ✦How to use✦ After opening the cap of the Christmas essential oil diffuser, Then pour the diffuser into the handmade glass vase, Immediately plug in 4~5 scented vines, Through the pores on the diffusive vine, the capillary phenomenon is carried out, Spread the essential oil diffuser gradually upwards, With the contact between the vine branches and the air, the fragrance continues to emanate. The use time can reach more than 3 months, The volatilization speed varies depending on the size of the environment in which it is used. ❋ You can purchase a refill bottle of Christmas diffuser after use ✦Precautions for use✦ When not in use, please cover the bottle and store it in a dark place. Avoid direct sunlight and avoid children's handling. Contains natural ingredients, please shake evenly before use, Precipitation after prolonged storage is a normal phenomenon. The glazed vases are all custom-made by hand, and the artwork in the vases. Purely hand-blown, with superb glass technology, the colors are as soft as clouds and water ripples throughout the bottle, and each color has a different style. The green is natural and fresh, and the pastels are romantic and beautiful. Stunning colors bring lively energy to the home✨ can be said to be the representative of the healing system in winter, the best present for Christmas! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51729201544_bdec55bf8b_b.jpg During the Christmas season, let us stop, set aside time and get together with each other. It can be a romantic date or a joyous and warm party. The winter of the past two years has been difficult. While we are together, we cheer for each other and tie together a beautiful "Christmas knot" that is both heartwarming and unforgettable.🎀 In this grateful festival, laugh with family and friends, enjoy the beauty of life together, and inject new energy into the future!!! https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51729217919_6efc0c0bcc_b.jpg 🎅The best choice for Christmas exchange gifts, the most decent gift! The Christmas diffuser of handmade glass bottles and natural precious essential oils is full of sincerity and heartfelt, dedicated to the most important people around you! 🎁 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51726711100_a3717dd1d7_b.jpg In a sweet and joyful Christmas, OBSESS is the best friend who knows you best. On this most beautiful day, I will send you aromatic memories and the most beautiful blessings!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS🎄🎄🎄 https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721034166_c97aef41db_b.jpg In Egypt, frankincense is also an indispensable spice in sacrificial rituals. In addition to the symbolic meaning of the burning white smoke, the sense of relaxation after inhaling it also made the ancient Egyptians believe that there is a spiritual connection with the gods; in the birth of Jesus Christ At that time, it is rumored that the three doctors of the East also used frankincense as one of the gifts, symbolizing respect for Jesus as a god; various histories illustrate the unique status of frankincense in medicine, religion, and culture. Frankincense essential oil is an essential oil with a wide range of ingredients. It is rich in α-pinene and limonene, so it has a variety of aroma types at the same time, with the sweetness of citrus and the calmness of woody aroma. It is fresh and pure, calm and soothing, and makes people feel calm. It is the best choice for incense and meditation. It helps to soothe but also refreshes the soul, and can help anxiety and obsessive past mental states. ❁EU organic certification, imported from France by air https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721281613_f430ca83e9_b.jpg There is a record in European historical books that ancient Persian kings often wear a corolla made of myrrh wood to pray for the power from the mother of the earth; the concubines of Athens used myrrh balm to prevent wrinkles and fascinate with a strange fragrance. King; In addition, because the myrrh balm has a strong astringent effect, Greek women put the powder of myrrh on an iron plate to heat, so that the aroma of myrrh penetrated into the soul and facial skin, and performed prayer rituals. The widespread use of myrrh in ancient times is a testament to the popularity of myrrh. The Egyptians burned myrrh at noon every day as part of their solar ritual. They also mixed myrrh, coriander and honey in an ointment and applied them to the skin. Cleopatra used myrrh essential oil to maintain hair, not only can it be black and beautiful, but also has a charming scent, which fascinated the entire city of Rome, including Caesar. Myrrh was an extremely precious spice in ancient times. ❁EU organic certification, imported from France by air https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721965075_8d9baab416_b.jpg Siberian fir grows in Russia, which is extremely cold, and can still survive minus 50 degrees Celsius. The energy is extremely strong. Siberian fir, also known as Xinjiang fir, grows mostly in cold Russia and northern Xinjiang. The height of its trees can reach more than 30 meters. It is a coniferous tree. . Siberian fir essential oil: Contains high concentration of bornyl acetate, camphene, α-pinene, which has excellent psychological support and a pleasant fragrance. After the epidemic, the scent of Siberian fir is needed to eliminate anger and fear and rebuild a sense of security. ❁EU organic certification, imported from France by air Atlantic cedar is the most commonly used in aromatherapy among many types of cedar. Its original status is in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in northwest Africa. The wood itself has a distinct sweet smell and a warm woody aroma. In historical records, the Egyptians used cedar essential oil for disinfection and antiseptic; and in biblical records, we often see the appearance of cedar. In the face of unspeakable pressure in our heart or confusion in our mind, the aroma of Atlantic Cedarwood essential oil allows us to calm down and bring solid support. And when we are tired and sleepy, in the calm smell of Atlantic cedar, we will find our own piece of sky and feel the broadness and freedom from the healing of the forest. ❁EU organic certification, imported from France by air https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51722195144_611cc5ee8d_b.jpg Roses are elegant in appearance and attractive in fragrance. They are one of the flowers that many women love. Therefore, roses are most often given on Valentine’s Day. Even the great British writer Shakespeare once said, “Even if the rose is not called a rose, it still smells the same. Such a fragrance.” It can be seen that the charm of roses is truly unstoppable! The Chiba Rose, known as "after the flower", is the only rose in the world that only blooms in May. The flowering period is only 3 weeks. After the flower blooms, it must be picked in the early morning. It needs to be picked within 24 hours immediately. Distillation and extraction are carried out inside, so it is relatively precious. Speaking of the fragrance of roses, it is joyful, harmonious, charming, passionate and sweet, as if immersed in an atmosphere of love. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721621146_d4226841e2_b.jpg As early as the ancient Greek era, orange blossom has been used in aromatherapy by the ancient Greeks. The name orange blossom is derived from the ancient Arabic meaning of "shining with white light". From the 17th century onwards, the upper-class people in Italy also became obsessed with the fragrance of orange blossom. The Duchess of Italy Nerola likes the smell of orange blossom the most. She uses the essence of this plant to scent her clothes and body, and set off a wave of orange fragrance among the nobles. When the night falls, the evening feast in the castle follows the movement. As soon as they made their debut, gentlemen and ladies put on a hint of orange blossom fragrance on the collars of their hair. With the rhythm of their steps, the fragrance circulated between the party seats. Neroli essential oil distilled from France, the fragrance is delicate, fresh and delicate, sweet orange fragrance, but not as frivolous and simple as orange, but has a deeper and more complex sweet connotation, which is a kind of smell that will make people feel happy. the taste of. https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721873183_494dd288ca_b.jpg Ylang Ylang, which is organically grown in Madagascar, is known as the "flower in the flower", also known as the "perfume tree", and is one of the most important raw materials for perfume. "Ylang Ylang" is exactly how its flowers look like "hanging and swinging flower strings" when the wind blows. The petals of this charming flower exude a refreshing spicy aroma. At sunset, this "scent of incense" fills the air of the plantation with an exotic sweetness, intoxicating and gentle. The ylang-ylang essential oil extracted by distillation has an exotic sweetness and a joyful atmosphere. It has a romantic sense of romance. According to Indonesian tradition, the bed of newlyweds will be covered with blooming ylang-ylang, its fragrance The richness and warmth can make the newlyweds soothe and relax and spend the wedding night smoothly. It enhances the joy of being in love with each other. "Spiritual Rejuvenation" is also well-known for the elderly. It can generate self-confidence and bring great comfort and energy to people when they are depressed and depressed. ❁EU natural organic certification, imported from France by air https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51721558981_7bec5ba8d3_b.jpg The scent of marjoram essential oil has the purpose of relaxing and balancing the pressure in aromatherapy. If you are looking for an essential oil that can fully express the meticulous herbal fragrance, marjoram is a good choice. Marjoram is a scent system that calms the nerves and calms the direction. The stimulating and penetrating herbal flavor has the fragrance of flower buds. In Stewart's time, people wore flowers with marjoram to cover up the indecent smell. Marjoram can be found in aromatic water, snuff bottles, and even the recent Italian shortbread pizza. Marjoram essential oil can strengthen the mind and help people face reality. When you are sad and lonely, it can give people comfort and help people warm up their emotions. ❁EU natural organic certification, imported from France by air 【FAQ】 Q1: How many pings can be used? A: It is recommended to place it in the hallway and living room to diffuse the fragrance. It is suitable for use in a space of 15-20 pings. Q2: How long can I use Christmas diffuser? A: A 300 ml diffuser essential oil bottle usually takes about 3 to 4 months. The scent duration will increase or decrease according to the size of the environment and ventilation. If the location is close to the ventilation source (vent or window), Helps the fragrance spread faster, but also shortens the use time. Q3: What is EOBBD certification with absolute peace of mind? EOBBD (HEBBD) certification with absolute peace of mind, It is the highest specification guarantee for the quality of essential oils. This is based on the following seven requirements for high quality 1. Accurate plant name and variety name 2. The place of origin of the plant 3. Growth method: wild / semi-wild / organic / cultivated 4. Developmental stage (SD) 5. Distillation organ (DO) 6. Refining method (ME) 7. Biochemical specificity (BS) All essential oils with HEBBD certification must be (1) Use natural and organically cultivated pure species extraction chains, and do not use similar species mixed with other fish orders. (2) Does not contain any pesticides or insecticides. (3) 100% pure, never diluted or mixed with other fillers. (4) There is no artificial compound or rework. Q4: What are the effects of essential oils? A: Due to government regulations, essential oils are not allowed to claim curative effects. Please search online, thank you! 🙇‍♀️ https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51727785297_1c7e5d2af0_b.jpg

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❆Handmade colored glaze Christmas diffuser gift box ❆ All colored glaze vases are custom-made by hand. The artwork in the vase is matched with the Christmas fragrance of natural essential oils. The colorful Christmas atmosphere is projected under the light and shadow, adding aromatic memories for the upcoming holiday! ❆Christmas exclusive fragrance, among which frankincense and myrrh essential oil are gifts to Jesus, and you can feel the sacred breath of Christmas!

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