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Gemstones ‧ Natural Ore Amethyst Ice Chalcedony 925 sterling silver ‧ Bracelet

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Gemstones ‧ Natural Ore Amethyst Ice Chalcedony 925 sterling silver ‧ Bracelet

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Https:// Https:// Amethyst Amethyst is "wisdom" and "wealth", so it is quite popular. Wearing amethyst on the hand, there are arguments for lucky, recruiting, and Wen Siquan. People with brains are advised to wear amethyst to help people concentrate on thinking. Similar to the frequency of brain waves, calming and calming the mind, Helps develop wisdom, potential, and memory. 1. Calm and soothe, improve sleep quality, develop wisdom, and inspire creativity. 2. Corresponding to the eyebrows, strengthen memory and concentrate. 3. Can be popular, suitable for: art, writing workers, business workers, students. Amethyst (amethyst) It has a Mohs hardness of 7 and its composition is mainly cerium oxide. It can only be worn by Pope or Archbishop in Middle Europe. In many countries in the West, amethyst is not only used as a stone for hangover, but also in men's jewelry and clothing. At the same time, as a lucky gem of artists, it is especially favored. In ancient China, the amethyst stone given by friends can play a role in abandoning the former suspicion and treating each other with sincerity; When a businessman wears it, it can be operated (stone), and the fortune is prosperous; When the warrior wears it, it can be ruined, and "there is no war," Li Shizhen, a famous medical scientist of the Ming Dynasty, wrote in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" that the crystal "simple and non-toxic", Drive "stunned heart heat", treatment "pulmonary sputum pus, cough up the gas", can "safe mind and eyesight, to red eyes, ironing and swelling" "beauty hair, Yue color." In recent years, because many people think that the magnetic field they produce is good for the mind, it is popular to wear amethyst ornaments or to place amethyst in the home. Amethyst is the guardian stone and the birthday stone of Aquarius. It represents spirituality, spirit and high-level love. It can be used as a kind of thing and a token of admiration. Amethyst, as a traditional amulet, can often drive away evil and enhance personal luck. Promote intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help think, focus, enhance memory, give courage and strength. Purple dominates the right brain world, intuition and subconsciousness. For Aries, it is especially suitable to have amethyst to promote its concentration and improve the vitality of thinking, so that people can think calmly and calmly face the challenges of reality. The frequency of amethyst corresponds to the eyebrow wheel, and the third eye between the two eyebrows can be developed to calm the nerves. Stimulate the brain, stimulate creativity, pure, meticulous, and dense energy makes people feel like spring breeze. Purple is a noble representative, and the purple bracelet represents noble and pure, unsuccessful love. Amethyst is often used as a love stone for couples. Amethyst is the guardian stone of love in Western countries. It is able to give couples, husbands and wives a firm belief in love, chastity, honesty, and courage. In addition to increasing the trust and loyalty to each other in love, couples wearing amethyst bracelets help them keep their exercises. Let them control their emotions, keep them calm, and do the right things at the right time. In other respects, amethyst helps to eliminate bad emotions, reduces domineering, makes people more calm, and increases tolerance and tolerance. Long-term wear of amethyst bracelets can make couples. Couples are more loving and get along more harmoniously. Amethyst is the birthstone of February, which stands for purity and harmony. It is placed under the pillow during sleep, which can stimulate thinking and sleep. Contact with amethyst can increase spirituality and increase wisdom. Therefore, some people who are studying or are taking the test are also very suitable to wear. The ancients believed that they could avoid evil and protect their bodies, bring happiness and longevity, and detoxify and avoid injuries, like amulets. Https:// Https:// Https:// Ice chalcedony "Chalcedony", also known as "stone marrow", is a general term for quartz, the cryptoplast of SiO2. It is a variant of quartz (cryptocrystalline), a cryptocrystalline colored quartz gemstone. It has a grease luster to glass luster and waxy light. a mineral consisting of cerium oxide, a translucent or opaque crystal, Generally milky white, grayish white, hard texture. The chalcedony is formed under low temperature and low pressure conditions and appears in the cavity of the ejected rock. Hydrothermal veins, hot spring deposits, debris deposits and weathering crusts. Chalcedony is used as a gemstone and is the same mineral as the well-known agate. The cryptocrystalline quartz with a strip structure is agate. The cryptocrystalline quartz, which has no strip-like structure and uniform color, is chalcedony. "Chalcedony" is one of the oldest ore species in human history. Common main colors: transparent to milky white, off-white. Pure natural chalcedony has heat dissipation, and it is not easy to lose water when worn frequently, and it will become more and more ice-permeable. Ice-colored chalcedony; commonly known as ice chalcedony and ice-colored chalcedony, is the rarest of the chalcedony family. It is classified as a colored gemstone sequence in the jewelry industry. The most representative product of ice chalcedony - Jinshui Bodhi. Ice chalcedony, with its clear and pure texture, natural and bright color advantages, Has become the new favorite in the colorful treasure market. Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// [ product features ] Strictly select high quality natural ore. Asymmetric sequential symmetry. [ Reminder ] Please tell the designer the size of the hand. It is a few centimeters close to the skin. Scaled by the designer to fit the size. Material: natural ore, amethyst, ice, chalcedony, 925 sterling silver, six-character mantra, Japanese elastic line. Size : Hand on the photo : 15.5 cm Amethyst : 12 mm . 9 mm . 8 mm Ice chalcedony : 9.5 mm Six-character mantra in 925 sterling silver: 9 mm Https:// Https:// [ Precautions ] 1. Natural minerals should avoid exposure to sunlight, high temperatures, and hard objects. It is not advisable to wear jewelry when going to the beach, sunbathing, hot springs, etc. And keep the water, occasionally placed in the water, keep it moist, Usually wear to play with contact friction, human sebum can be used for its internal structure, It plays a certain protective role, making the natural ore more shiny and beautiful. 2. Maintenance of silver jewelry. When not wearing, you can put it in a zipper bag. The metal can be wiped with a silver cloth. Or toothpaste cleaning. Drain the water after washing. 3. The color may vary depending on the screen of each monitor. There will be a slight color difference. Please consider above. 4. Photographs and introductions of the products in the museum. The status of the goods has been described as much as possible. If you want to know. You can contact us.

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