Jing Mi-Shu Mian Pillow Spray Fabric Spray | Antibacterial Alcohol | Herbal Soothing Soothing

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Realm Honey-Shumian Pillow Spray Fabric Spray | Herbal Soothing Soothing 主 ️ Main recipe: Roman chamomile, rose grass, real lavender, rose geranium, frankincense, fir, orange flower, happy sage ☀️ Capacity: 40ml 成分 ️ Ingredients: compound essential oil,

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Jing Mi-Shu Mian Pillow Spray Fabric Spray | Antibacterial Alcohol | Herbal Soothing Soothing

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Realm Honey-Shumian Pillow Spray Fabric Spray | Herbal Soothing Soothing 主 ️ Main recipe: Roman chamomile, rose grass, real lavender, rose geranium, frankincense, fir, orange flower, happy sage ☀️ Capacity: 40ml 成分 ️ Ingredients: compound essential oil, 75% antibacterial alcohol ☀️ How to use: By spraying spray on pillows or other fabrics, to achieve simple cleansing and aromatherapy healing effects. The spraying distance should be about 50cm or more. 👉🏻 [About Jingmi-Shu Mian Pillow Spray Formula] It is a herbal note, with chamomile as the main tone, and rose pelargonium and real lavender to add softness and comfort. With the powerful soothing function of the heart, chamomile relieves anxiety, tension, anger and fear, makes people relaxed and patient, and feels peaceful. The spray feels like a baby or just after a shower. Compared to the woody tone of Ning Zen, I like to describe that the environment honey is like a baby's grassland, and Ning Zen is an adult's Japanese-style Zen garden. 附 ️ The package comes with a cotton undyed canvas shrink pocket, which can be sprayed directly on the pillow, or directly on the bag and placed next to the bed. On weekdays, you can use it to store eye masks and other items, or put dry lavender as a sachet. Q & A 👉🏻 [What exactly is a pillow spray? ] The birth of this product is mainly for consumers who do not have time to light candles and want to help sleep, and often want to change the pillow case, but do not have time to change. Use 75% antibacterial alcohol as a solvent for essential oils. In addition to being able to dissolve essential oils, 75% alcohol is currently the safest and harmless choice among volatile organic solvents known. In addition, alcohol at an appropriate concentration has a bactericidal effect. For us, in addition to the healing effect by the way, a little sterilizing effect, and win win at ease and feel very satisfied. 👉🏻 [What is the difference between a pillow spray and an outside fragrance spray or perfume? ] In fact, alcohol + essential oils are simply the ingredients of modern natural perfumes! But most of the commercially available perfumes may be added with a fixing agent or other solvents in order to reduce the taste of alcohol because of the fragrance holding rate. To extend the scent stay! We do not call this product perfume because we pay more attention to the peace of mind at home. Regardless of the formulation of the essential oils and the choice of ingredients, priority is given to healing and restoring health. It does not include any xylene, Formaldehyde, phthalates, fixatives, flavors. * Modern perfume, which is the first bottle of perfume with "alcohol" as the carrier. Hungarian Queen Elizabeth asked the monks to make it for her, and it is also known as the Hungarian water. Based on rosemary, thyme and lavender. * Spraying method, the volatile nature of alcohol, the taste of alcohol does not affect the taste of the pillow or fabric attached, and the original odor can be taken away by the volatilization of alcohol! 为什么 [Why is the color of the pillow spray cloudy? ] Subverting the imagination of most people, there is no absolute relationship between clarity and quality. The turbidity is caused by the solubility of essential oils. To create a clear spray, the concentration of alcohol is often higher than 80%. Although it is visually more points, when the concentration of alcohol exceeds 80%, the sterilizing ability of alcohol is There is very little left, so we still use 75% alcohol as the base. Persevering in maintaining the original intention, in addition to achieving the results we want, we also hope to achieve the transfer of health education knowledge through everyone's doubts. ______________________________________________________ Finally, the knowledge sharing from Banana Island: # Banana 志 With regard to the warning light of volatile solvents, everyone should keep your eyes open! Volatile organic solvents are ubiquitous in our daily necessities, from perfumes, lotions, to home fragrance, cleaning ... while enjoying home life again, you ca n’t help but understand the potential crisis !! In volatile organics Among the compounds, xylene, formaldehyde, and phthalate (fixing agent) agents have the greatest impact on the human body. In the long-term exposure to the above organic substances, there may be cumulative health hazards. The most famous carcinogens are often associated with xylene and formaldehyde. The longest mentioned in the fetal reproductive system crisis is Dingxiang. Agent. But we are in a world that is already poisonous (wrong ?!) We are not so easily poisoned. As long as you master not to "long-term exposure" to these things, girls are especially careful during pregnancy, the baby asks mothers to be more careful with these principles, to do more careful screening on the products used every day, "don't" use perfume as a home fragrance every day Use, use insecticide as a peace of mind ..., there is no big problem! Keywords: xylene, formaldehyde, phthalate, fixative # Banana 志 Why does alcohol kill bacteria? The main reason is to use alcohol to cause protein denaturation, leading to the death of bacteria or viruses. Many people think that the higher the alcohol concentration, the better the disinfection effect, which is actually "wrong". High-concentration alcohol (95% alcohol) can quickly solidify the protein on the surface of bacteria, but only on the outer layer. For some bacteria, the inside of the bacteria is still active, so killing is equivalent to not killing. Scientists have confirmed that 75% alcohol can have both protein coagulation and penetration effects, and achieve a complete sterilization function. However, if you have 95% alcohol on hand, you can achieve a sterilization effect of 99% by diluting the concentration to 70-78% by yourself. It is not necessary to dilute to a precise level to have a sterilization effect. Application with 75% alcohol disinfection? 75% alcohol is suitable for disinfecting "intact and woundless" skin. For example, a nurse will always use a cotton ball and 75% alcohol to wipe the application area before giving an injection in a hospital clinic. However, for wounded skin, please do not disinfect it with 75% alcohol. On the one hand, 75% alcohol will cause a strong tingling sensation. On the other hand, it will also affect wound healing. It is recommended to use iodine disinfection. At home, alcohol can kill tuberculosis bacteria, but the speed of sterilization is fast and convenient. It is very suitable for daily cleaning as a basic cleaning! But if you want to kill the virus, the most commonly heard is enterovirus. Alcohol has no effect! At home If there is a child who can get enterovirus, then you should choose bleach to use it! supplement: * Alcohol: It has a bactericidal effect on tuberculosis bacteria, but it has no significant disinfection effect on viruses. * Bleaching water: it has bactericidal effect on bacteria, virus and tuberculosis. In hospital blood disinfection, a diluted bleach solution is also designated for disinfection, which has an effective disinfection function for hepatitis and AIDS virus. According to the CDC's Enterovirus Control Method, people are particularly worried about enterovirus. Because the virus itself is resistant to acidic substances and many chemical drugs, cleaning disinfectants and alcohol cannot effectively kill enterovirus. It is recommended to use alcohol as a daily household disinfection and dry cleaning hand. It is better to wipe the home floor and commonly used appliances with disinfectant water every week.

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