Love Honey Handmade Jam - Handmade Jam - Aiwen Mango Jam 100ml Bottle

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*╮爱蜜莉手工果酱╭*Handmade Jam-Aiwen Mango Jam 100ml bottle Our persistence, give you the best, most natural, protect the health of the whole family

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Room temperature、Refrigerate、Avoid heat、Avoid direct sunlight
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Love Honey Handmade Jam - Handmade Jam - Aiwen Mango Jam 100ml Bottle

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Our persistence, to give you the best, most natural, to protect the health of the whole family [Love Milli Handmade Jam] Aiwen Mango Jam The most HOT fruit in summer ~~ Mango jam is on the way!!!! Don't miss out on friends who love natural handmade jams!! █ Love the concept of handmade jam "If you eat it, you have to be worthy of yourself. If you sell it, you must be conscientious and try to preserve the taste of the season's fruit by hand-made traditional jam."---Love Murray's persistence. █ natural ingredients Freshly harvested natural pesticides without pesticides - Aiwen Mango, with the care of the farmer's hands, only hope The sweetness that can be delivered to your palm is the freshest, strongest and sweetest fruit. Each jar of jam is real material, fresh Aiwen mango is washed, dried, hand-made, no fragrance Material, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no fructose, no chemical coagulant. █ rich nutrition Mango is a lacquer tree family that is the fruit of perennial evergreen trees. The flesh is sweet and delicious, native to India. At the time of Ming Shizong (1561), Taiwan's earliest soil mango was introduced by the Dutch from the Pacific Malaysian Islands. The color of the skin was light green, with high sweetness and high fiber content. The May-July period was a prolific period. In the 40 years of the Republic of China, the Agricultural Association introduced a variety of mangoes such as Aiwen and Kate. Aiwen Mango is native to Florida, and is listed in Taiwan from May to October every year. The flesh is orange-yellow, with high sweetness and low fiber. The average weight is 150. -300 grams, the first ripening of the peel is yellow-green, fully ripe apple red (called apple mango); Kate mango is oval, bright red, high in sweetness, fine fiber, weight up to 0.5-1.2 kg, about Listed in August-October, commonly known as "September." Another golden yellow mango, rich in β-carotene, has a crescent shape, soft taste, 15 degrees sweetness, less fiber, weight of about 0.6-1.2 kg, listed in May-August, soft taste. Therefore, we know that mangoes are eaten from May to October. Mango can be made into mango juice, dried mango, lover's fruit (sour and sweet), ice cream, popsicles, smoothies, puddings, jellies, shaved ice, canned (sweet block) and mango bubble beer. Its core, skin and leaves also have medicinal prescriptions. Due to its long history, folk and medical books have different records, Ming Li Shizhen believes that mango is a treasure in the fruit, cold, sweet and sour, stomach and thirst, nausea, nautical (motor), diuretic, cough and phlegm, but people with physical allergies will eat Allergic reaction. █ How to save ※Unopened in the cool place at room temperature for 6 months, please refrigerate after opening and please finish it within one month. ※Please use a dry and clean spoon to avoid moisture and affect the preservation of jam. █ Appreciation method 1. All kinds of jams are suitable for spreading on bread and snacks, as a meal and snacks. If you eat it, it is recommended to apply a layer of salt-free cream and then jam. The taste is quite good. You can eat and eat. 2. Hot black tea mixed with jam (recommended with light black tea, such as English breakfast tea), is a good cup of fruit tea, or jam in a small dish, a spoonful of jam with a pair of Russian black tea, let the fruit The scent blends with the black tea in the mouth, and the taste buds of the tongue can fully taste the natural flavor of the fragrance step by step. 3. Add the right amount of jam to fresh milk, plain yogurt, cheese, pudding, and turn into a delicious fruity snack. 4. Prepare all kinds of lettuce or fruit, add olive oil, red wine vinegar, pepper, brazilian leaves, and mix with jam according to personal preference. 5. Take a muffin: Homemade muffins at home, can be mixed with cream maple syrup and jam. 6. Matching the cheese: The cheese that is easy to buy in the supermarket can be served with a refreshing jam and added flavor. 7. Pouring ice cream: topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, topped with sour jam. 8. Adjust the fruit soda: Sprite, dip a few spoonfuls of jam and mix in, then put a few mint leaves is a good fruit soda! I heard that the delicious soda sold by ZABU is like this. 9. Wipe the biscuits: a little bit of salty taste can lead to the sweet taste of "sweet"! On the sauerkraut soda cracker, you will find it better than smear and bread! 10. Fruit platter: Cut some seasonal fruits, put on the plate, sip a few spoonfuls of jam, and put a few mint leaves. It is a deluxe fruit cut plate that can be tasted. 11. Make a popsicle: Jam + Yogurt + Soda mix and make a popsicle, kids like it. 12. Mixing sauce: IKEA's Swedish meatballs will be added to the cranberry jam in addition to the sauce. When eating chicken and duck meat, in addition to the salty sauce, you can also add some sour jam to remove the oil. 13. Haomai's open jam, directly dig to eat, hand-made jam to eat full of flesh, directly dig to eat can not say enough to satisfy the feeling~ █ Product specifications Contents: Strictly select Taiwanese fruit (Aiwen Mango, Lemon) white sugar. Net weight: 240g Shelf life: 6 months without opening at room temperature. (Refresh after opening) █ Thanks to Apple Daily for men and women in July 2015 █ Brand Introduction Emily’s original job was a seventh-grade student working in an electronics company. She was not a graduate of the food and beverage department, but I am very interested in eating, perhaps because I am reading the relationship of advertising design! The east of the opponent Xidu is very fond of, especially the "eat" aspect, in addition to hands-on, but also like to study a variety of meal dishes. The reason for the initial contact with handmade jam was that when I had a meal with friends, I ate the jam queen Christine Ferber. Rose Rose Jam, deeply fascinated by this jam, only began to touch the handmade jam, but also looking for the beginning Many jam-related books, whether domestic or foreign jam-related recipes, are researched and started to cook, The French hand-made jam is found to be the best to retain the fruit aroma, but the proportion of sugar is quite high, making The jams are too sweet. In order to cater to the tastes of Taiwanese who have not eaten so sweet, they have tried again. Reduce the sweetness several times, hoping to reduce the sweetness ratio, without losing the traditional handmade jam, after many adjustments Through the test of friends and Internet bloggers around the world, I hope to find the most from the opinions of many people after eating. The perfect ratio of sweetness and the need to improve, and after the repeated adjustment of this road, there is now the love of Emily Handmade jam. Because I was born in a non-class class, I started to explore from the bottom, and went to visit the fruit farmers to find good ingredients for jam. Fruit-related knowledge, in addition to learning through the direct conversation of farmers, also consulted the same table of fruit farmers Hey, I learned what is organic farming, non-toxic cultivation of natural farming methods, and so on, from complete strangeness to gradually Familiar, I am very grateful to the farmers who have been enlightened in that time, everyone's tolerance, support and love. Start creating The establishment of the studio to sell handmade jam, we chose to sell on the Internet fb platform, because the practice is different from the general Commercially available jams, we are advertised as fresh, no added artificial additives, preservatives, handmade jams, many good The favor of friends, sometimes more orders, plus French jam production time, when it is often busy to work It’s only the end of the morning, it’s only a day after the dawn, and I only sleep 4-5 hours a day. Although it’s hard, I just think so much. When people affirm our jams, they feel that it is worth the hard work. And in 2013, it also has a specific number of solid breads. The store has consignment-related business contacts, and the future goal is to share with you the various possibilities of Taiwanese jam. The French traditional jam is used to preserve the taste of Taiwanese seasonal fruits. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade

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