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[Good cubs] wind and rain. Waterproof breathable cool feeling machine raincoat - khaki 4 - 6 (pre - order)

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  • Eco-friendly7-Day TrialHandmadeMade in TaiwanOriginal design
    Good 3% of each business income will be donated to the Taiwan Animal Emergency Rescue Team

    Important note
    The current raincoat has no cash, a comprehensive pre-purchase system,
    Pre-order time to 1 to 3 months, whether it is early or delayed will contact you, but also please wait patiently!

    ▲ good Beckham products are all the old master of Taiwan hand sewing, production, adhere to quality!
    ▲ in the summer to fight against the typhoon or rainstorm in the winter, in addition to winter can withstand the rainy weather, but also when the lovely type of windbreaker, is definitely worth your dog waiting for the raincoat!

    Explain Word
    In order to look together with the distance between the sun and the moon
    Ren Shanchuan change
    Any wind and rain without regret
    The sunset in his shoulder precipitation
    All night and night
    - Good Beckham. wind and rain

    How long have we never seen the sky?
    Often, the day in the complex things, unknowingly spend every day.

    However, because of the sense of responsibility to take a walk, we are driven to many unexplored worlds.

    Perhaps the breeze of the forest, perhaps the twilight of the long embankment, perhaps the storm in the night ... watching Mao children walking, simple and satisfied with the joy of our hearts, often in the stroll slowly precipitation.

    When one day they are away from us, we can still keep this energy, the balance of the world.

    We can not always leave the Mao children around, but we can choose to cherish every companion day, regardless of wind and rain, are committed to their own belong to each other's pure land.

    Good Beckham. Wind and rain series of waterproof breathable function raincoat, we have repeatedly tried to repair the crystallization of the revision. We selected a high degree of waterproof breathable table cloth and cool sense of cloth, in addition to weather, but also to the hairy days in the summer rain is not hot. In particular, many details of the design, to strengthen the regulation, coverage and stability, so that Mao children in the wind and rain of the day, but also dry and leisurely walk.

    Good bee Wind and rain series of waterproof breathable function of the five major advantages of raincoat ◆

    1. Selection of double-layer functional fabrics, both skin-friendly and waterproof and anti-fouling, and achieved international certification mark, quality and function are worthy of trust.

    ▲ waterproof breathable table cloth with GORE-TEX grade ePTFE microporous film three-layer paste fabric, anti-water pressure coefficient up to 10,000mm H2o (Japanese JIS L 1092B), wet steam moisture permeability of 10,000gm (Japanese JIS L 1099 B1), anti-splashing rate of 80/10 (JIS L 1092), specifications and advanced outdoor functional clothing equal.
    ▲ cool sense of cloth in the cool sense of the coefficient is greater than the Q-max value (instantaneous maximum heat flow) 0.14W / cm2 or more, and made cool functional textile markings, quality guaranteed.

    2. cool sense of cloth with a high proportion of Tencel, and the use of double cool sense of law, not only skin-friendly, moisture perspiration, and has a lasting cool effect.

    ▲ cool sense of cloth with 65% of the tencel ingredients, than the general use of cheap chemical fiber cool cloth, more skin-friendly, breathable, soft, environmentally friendly.
    ▲ yarn to add jade powder, the use of thermal convection principle, so that the lower temperature of the jade powder can quickly absorb the hair of a higher body temperature, hair child's body temperature can be instantly reduced 1-2 ℃.
    ▲ the use of special-shaped section of the weaving method, the use of yarn within the pores of the concave groove, the capillary effect, the rapid absorption of hair moisture, and conduction to the outer discharge of evaporation, to achieve rapid moisture perspiration cooling effect. Not only can instantly cool, but also has a lasting, make up for the general only add jade powder cold clothing, easy to wash with the number of times and quickly lost the effect of cold shortcomings.

    3. Selection of advanced waterproof breathable performance table cloth, both waterproof, windproof, breathable, anti-fouling function, winter can be when the windbreaker to wear, a dress can adapt to a variety of activities.

    ▲ GORE-TEX grade classic ePTFE microporous film three-layer paste fabric, by the high-functional soft woven cloth, breathable waterproof film, skin care pressure cloth and other three-layer fabric composition, solid structure.
    ▲ ePTFE microporous film has hundreds of millions of pores, the size of one hundred thousandth of water droplets, seven times more than water vapor molecules, the formation of water to prevent the infiltration, but to allow water vapor to reveal the structure, anti-water pressure coefficient up to 10,000mm H2O (Japanese JIS L 1092B), with excellent waterproofing effect.
    ▲ ePTFE microporous membrane vapor permeability of up to 10,000 g / m2‧24 hrs (Japanese JIS L 1099 B1), the hair surface of the body can be hundreds of millions of pores through the evaporation, highly breathable, Summer rainy day walk, but also to keep dry and comfortable is not hot.
    ▲ Table cloth after the anti-water treatment, to achieve the best level of splashing water 5, the formation of lotus leaf surface effect, so that the natural drop of water droplets, will not penetrate the spread, with excellent anti-water splash function.

    4. Intimate version of the type and details of the design, to help parents solve the problem of hair care often encountered

    ▲ wear off easily
    (1) sets of head-style abdominal cardigan design, wear off easily.
    (2) use YKK zipper, good quality and good pull.

    ▲ high regulation
    (1) hat along the mining elastic design, suitable for different head size of the hair child, and easy to be fixed by the wind or fall.
    (2) neck, back, cuffs with a rope, according to the hair of the child to adjust the degree of tightness.
    (3) the abdomen has adjustable buckle, according to hair fat thin regulation of tightness.
    ▲ version of loose, winter out, you can put the raincoat directly in the warm clothing when the windproof waterproof jacket
    We especially relax the raincoat version of the type, the winter hair out when the child can be directly on the warm clothing on the warm clothing, increase the warmth, but also to facilitate the parents to wear out the time to wear off.
    ▲ full cover
    (1) hat covered with high, the hat along the elastic band, to strengthen the coating force and stability.
    (2) the front foot has a sleeve design, sleeves within the drawstring, to prevent rain soaked front feet.
    (3) back hem to take a discount design, you can naturally cover the hair of the hips, to prevent the wind and roll.
    ▲ fast storage design, convenient storage and neat
    In particular, we have studied the method of quick storage, and the points into the design pattern, as long as the storage instructions in accordance with the operation, you can easily complete the admission.

    5. Table cloth pattern with environmentally friendly luminous embroidery thread, safe, environmentally friendly, and a book taste.

    When environmental protection has become an urgent need for us to face the problem, may return to the root of the problem, is the first step in our actions.

    We may wish to take a closer look at the items around, think about what we really need?
    Among these objects, how well are they fully utilized?

    Good beibei waterproof breathable performance raincoat, the practice of a lasting value of the clothes, is a piece can really accompany the hair of a child's life.

    Good Beckham. Wind and rain function raincoat, a good life philosophy.

    Good size (size + price)
    Good Beckham clothes prices, according to size and slightly different.
    The larger the size of the clothes because of more materials, the material cost is relatively high, so the price will be slightly higher than the small size clothes, please friends carefully confirmed before the next single.

    Try to report

    ◆ wear off the way ◆

    ◆ Good password (material + Tencel tag) ◆
    Good beibei clothes as far as possible in accordance with the general dog's body proofing, but if there are some hairy body stature longer, more fat, it is prone to wrinkle situation, please forgive me, thank you.

    Table cloth: 100% polyester polyester fiber
    Li Bu: 65% Tencel (with TENCEL ® original logo) 35% cool sense of nylon
    Adjustment buckle: nylon
    Zipper: YKK zipper
    Washing standard: environmental ink (certified by SGS)
    Waterproof tape: 100% polyurethane

    TENCEL (Tencel)
    SecoTecll (cool sand)
    FETretch (waterproof breathable)
    Teflon (water repellent)

    Details of the statement
    1. easy to wear off:
    (1) sets of head-style abdominal cardigan design, wear off easily.
    (2) YKK zipper, good quality and good pull.

    2. high regulation
    (1) hat along the elastic band design, suitable for different head size of the hair child, and easy to be fixed by the wind or fall.
    (2) neck, back, cuffs have rope, according to hair fat thin to adjust the degree of tightness.
    (3) the abdomen has adjustable buckle, according to the hair fat to adjust the degree of tightness.

    3. Edition version of loose
    Version of loose winter can be directly set in the warm clothing outside
    Comfortable size, winter can be added to home service, increase the warmth.

    4. complete cover
    (1) hat covered with high, the hat along the elastic band, not easy to blow or fall.
    (2) the front foot with a sleeve design, sleeves within the use of drawstring to prevent rain soaked front feet.
    (3) hem folding design, can cover the buttocks to prevent wind and roll.

    5. Express storage design, convenient and neatly.

    6. Table cloth pattern using environmentally friendly luminous embroidery thread, safe, environmentally friendly, but also the text of the book flavor.

    ◆ intimate little exhort ◆
    Good bee raincoat use precautions,
    1. Laundry please use the laundry bag, you can protect the fine sense of cool cloth, waterproof breathable performance cloth and beautiful embroidery map, so that products longer life Oh!
    2. Please be sure to dry, to avoid the sun caused the waterproof glue melt. Turn over to the high content of Tiansi cloth out, you can shorten the time to dry Oh! Good beibei raincoats do not often need to clean, when the hair child walking, please parents with a clean damp cloth wipe the rain or sewage, you can easily keep the raincoat clean.
    3. cool sense of cloth with a high proportion of Tencel, the printing of the higher requirements, cloth on the printing and dyeing labels, with frequent washing and produce a slight fade.

    Good color
    Good beige products, are mainly gray-based color.
    Bright pink color, although the joy, there are many restrictions on the use of the conditions in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of the object.
    In the process of developing the product, we are often touched by some small pictures. For example, from the stray animal house was adopted by the street snack shop shop dog, conscientiously patrol the store; tirelessly sitting in the door at home, faithfully guarding the family's work dogs and so on.
    In them, we see a simple and simple cute, is our special treasure, want to let others see the place.
    So, we will be all the products, set in this kind of simple color; hope that these products can accompany Mao children, forgetting to roll, enjoy life.
    These traces of life, like old photographs, old buildings, quietly exudes, years of Guanghua.
    This is the color of good beige.

    ◆ brand declaration (good insist on summary)
    Good beibei products all the process, adhere to the use of MIT.
    In the wind, there is a group of people, choose root home.
    They are optimistic and dedicated professional spirit, constantly sophisticated technology, so we sincerely admire.
    Therefore, good Beckham abandoned a large number of manufacturing methods to reduce costs, choose to adhere to all the process, delivery of these Taiwanese staff.
    They squinting old eyes, a needle line, the hometown of the temperature, sew into every piece of clothing.
    The hands of your clothes, with us, common efforts to polish the MIT signs.

    Good knowledge
    ◇ good small white rain boots cool sense of cloth in the double cool sense of the principle ◇
    1. Yarn powder added, the use of the principle of thermal convection, you can instantly cool 1-2 ℃.
    Because jade (ore) stone than the small heat, heat and heat almost, so the lower temperature of the jade powder can quickly absorb the human body higher temperature, so that the skin instantaneous cool feeling, but also because the heat convection to balance, fast Warming up and loss of cool feeling, the role of time at most a few minutes will disappear.
    Fabrics use the above principles, the jade (such as Hualien jade, marble, etc.) into a very fine powder, remove the harmful body of the asbestos ingredients, add to the fabric fiber, and then extract 200 ~ 500 nanometer of fiber, mixed polyester Fiber, nylon and other man-made fibers woven into cloth, made of clothes, you can reduce the surface temperature of 1.2-2 ℃.
    2. Shaped weave weave, accelerate moisture perspiration
    Shibuya chooses the fabric manufacturer to combine the "capillary action" and "heat convection principle" to make the spun out of the fiber section into a profiled section. As the cross-section of the fiber has a relatively large surface area, making the yarn after the yarn to produce more pores, and then use these pores caused by the capillary phenomenon, so that the body sweat and hot air from the inside and outside the smooth diversion to the fabric Surface, and rely on external air flow to evaporate sweat, keep the body cool. This is also the so-called "moisture perspiration" principle. And because it is the use of fiber pores wet principle, are physical, very safe.

    Good waterproof leather breathable waterproof table
    1. Highly waterproof and breathable
    The small cloth is made of high-grade polyester fiber (thin and tough), the inner layer of cloth containing functional waterproof breathable film The

    Waterproof breathable performance of the inner layer of a layer of micro-porous waterproof film, the film contains hundreds of millions of micro-holes, the size of the hole between the water vapor and water, allowing the internal moisture revealed, but also can withstand external heavy rain The water pressure.

    2. Film rather than coating, there is a lasting waterproof function
    Using a number of high-pressure coating patented technology, the waterproof breathable coating directly on the fabric fiber, rather than the overall coating on the surface of the fabric to avoid causing lower air permeability, or coating with the washing and quickly fall off.

    3. Has a waterproof level of human outdoor clothing
    Water pressure test to reach 10,000mm / H2O or more, can withstand heavy rain.
    Breathable rate of 5,000gm wet steam permeability, can maintain the inner and outer raincoat dry and comfortable.

    4. Surface with anti-water, light, easy to dry, anti-fouling
    The surface of the anti-water-based coating processing, so that splashing in the raincoat surface of the rain condensed into water-like, will not be absorbed by the table cloth, like the water on the lotus roll on the same situation, gently swing, you can Let the rain dry. Not only easy to dry, not easy to attach sewage.

    Origin / manufacturing method
    Origin of Taiwan, good beibei products all the process, adhere to the use of MIT
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[Good cubs] wind and rain. Waterproof breathable cool feeling machine raincoat - khaki 4 - 6 (pre - order)

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