14KGF natural crystal rough white crystal cordierite shining diamond ear bone clip ear chain

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14KGF natural crystal rough white crystal cordierite shining diamond ear bone clip ear chain

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Many friends who came to my Lingzhan (my studio also does Tarot Lingzhan) talked about the new start-up plan and adjustments this year, and they often feel the strong uncertainty in the new start-up, but the only thing we can do It is to stabilize one's heart, firm one's direction, and then stick to it, and then discuss success or failure. In this issue of hand-made jewelry, I designed this rough energy stone based on everyone’s mental state and the purpose of calming the mind and stabilizing one’s own concentration. I used shining diamonds with stable mood and purifying energy, together with white crystal, moonstone and cordierite. Jewelry collection. I hope that through the energy brought by the original crystal energy, we can stabilize our hearts, let us face all the setbacks and tests brought about by life more strongly, and strengthen our goal to go on. White crystal cordierite shining diamond ear bone clip ear chain · A midsummer night's peaceful dream· Ingredients: small particles of double-pointed shining diamond, small particles of cordierite, Small white crystal, freshwater white pearl Accessories: American-made 14K gold injection accessories Size: about 13.5cm in total length Craft: Purely handmade Let me introduce to you the energy effect of the main stone crystal: image The shining diamond (HERKIMER dIAMOND) Herkimon diamond: It is a double-ended crystal crystal grown on dolomite. The grains are usually small, transparent and crystal clear, very shining, very transparent and bling, just like diamonds in crystals. (Compared with diamond, the dispersion of some crystals is worse than 0.013<diamond 0.044). It is formed in small caves in dolomite, and the formation speed is very very slow. The size is small but the actual energy is super strong, just like a "mini power plant", and the time to start the energy is very fast. It has the effect of purifying other crystal spirit stones, and at the same time, it has a certain effect on stabilizing emotions and relieving wounds and pains (provided that the crystal energy will have a significant effect), and it is also useful for friends who sleep poorly and are prone to dreams and nightmares. To a certain extent, putting it under the pillow to sleep peacefully can stabilize the mood and interfere with the formation of negative energy to some extent, allowing the brain to relax and quiet. When wearing it during the day, the shining diamond is combined with the sunlight and the individual spirit to keep our spirits awake (stronger than the same effect of white crystal), and at the same time when we sincerely want to seek something When it comes to the answer and direction of the question, interact with it. The energy that the Shining Diamond can transmit to us makes it easier for our brains to receive the wisdom from the universe, and slowly find new directions and solutions to questions. image White crystal: It can help people stabilize their healthy magnetic field, and while balancing the healthy magnetic field, it can balance people's inner magnetic field and emotions, and it is not susceptible to external stimuli. Therefore, white crystal is quite suitable for people who are weak or emotionally affected. At the same time, for the wearer, wearing white crystal in life can effectively reduce electromagnetic radiation and improve memory. The white crystal is clear, transparent and crystal clear, allowing the wearer to settle down and do things quietly, keep a clear mind, and not be disturbed by other negative energy. image Moonstone: Soft sex, fine quality, can improve people's mood and personality, stabilize the mood, make people calm and elegant, abandon impulsiveness, and have a soothing effect on emotional fluctuations. Wearing it at full moon can enhance people's perception and supernatural power. It is very helpful for sleep. Putting it next to sleep can make people fall asleep peacefully. image Cordierite: It is a colored gemstone dominated by light blue, blue-violet and blue-gray, and it is also a colored gemstone with two colors. It is said that in the earliest time when the Chinese had not invented the compass, people used the pleochroism of cordierite to determine the position of the sun and discern the direction. Therefore, cordierite is people’s "compass in the dark". Wearing cordierite jewelry can help people feel confused. Of people find the right way forward. The color of cordierite resembles sapphire, and its calm and deep color can calm people's ups and downs. Friends who wear cordierite jewelry can face things calmly, make correct judgments, and make decisive decisions no matter what they encounter in work and life. These four crystals are used as the main material in this issue because they all have the effects of stabilizing emotions, calming the nerves and keeping awake. Often when we encounter difficulties and problems in life, it is commendable that we can maintain our rationality to make judgments at the moment. If we can help us better control our thinking when wearing them, and let ourselves stick to our goals stably, then I design this series and hope to convey to the friends who love this series that it can improve themselves. Controlled energy. And their color is a white-blue to gray color system that I think is suitable for calm precipitation. It is also an extremely comfortable color combination whether it is visually easy to bring calmness to people or art color matching. image image · A midsummer night's peaceful dream· 2020 Crystal Energy Rough Stone Series About customization and after-sales: · If guests need personal natural gemstone special design customization or personal color matching to redesign styles, please communicate directly with the store designer. Any customized products ordered will not be returned. Please choose and purchase carefully, and the designer will also Will check in detail and ensure the quality before shipping. · In the case of non-artificial or malicious damage in my home within three months of the purchase of jewelry, and does not constitute the loss of the original important materials, you can enjoy free repair services; after three months, you can also enjoy life-long free cleaning and cleaning services, but the postage needs to be paid by yourself. The manual cycle for renovation is about 3-5 working days. · Damaged rings caused by abnormal wear or human factors will not be repaired free of charge. Accessories beyond the warranty period will be charged for material and manual costs based on the actual damage. The manual cycle for repairs is about 5-7 working days. Natural material: After the natural rough crystals or pearls are selected, they are cut and polished, and their inherent natural characteristics are naturally present. Each color is natural. When pairing, try to choose a color that is close to each other. Some natural crystals and rough stones have a material memory. Cotton wadding, ice cracks, impurities, etc. are natural characteristics. If you need to choose high-level flawless materials, you can communicate with the store to choose high-grade materials. Manual winding: For some jewelry made by hand winding, the details of each piece are slightly different. It is normal that there are occasional traces of handwork on the gold thread. Ear clip accessories: Customers who need to replace the ear clip can communicate with the store designer in advance to select the appropriate ear clip accessories. About American-made 14K gold injection material: American-made 14KGF, also known as 14K clad gold or 14K gold injection. It means 14K forged gold, not domestic electroplating, but a physical method to forge 14K gold layer on the surface of copper with strong high temperature. This technology overcomes foil gold The issue of uniformity and firmness. Supervised by the United States Federal Trade Commission regulations, it is stipulated that the thickness of the 14KGF cladding layer is 15 microns or more, and the proportion of the gold layer accounts for 1/20 of the total weight. Although the color retention is good, it is still metal. There will be oxidation. The maintenance method is the same as that of silver jewelry. Usually, it is sealed and kept dry. Sometimes it will be oxidized to restore the brightness after cleaning. Care instructions: · When wearing it, try to handle it gently to avoid heavy falls. Try not to wear it while sleeping to avoid squeezing. Try to avoid contact with chemicals such as skin care products, perfumes, soaps, and hot spring water. When taking a bath or strenuous exercise, please try not to wear jewelry to avoid oxidation of the jewelry due to sweat. · When not wearing jewelry for a long time, please seal it in a jewelry box or a jewelry bag to minimize the oxidation of the material caused by the contact of the metal part with humid air. · After the 925 silver jewelry is oxidized, you can use toothpaste to clean it at home, and then use a paper towel to soak up the last clean water. · After the US-made 14K gold or 18K real gold jewelry is slightly oxidized, you can use a very small amount of detergent to clean it at home, and then use a paper towel to soak up the last clean water. About delivery: Delivery time: After receiving the customer's order requirements, the manual cycle is about 3-10 working days, depending on the complexity of the jewelry. Logistics charges: the purchase of a single piece is based on the actual delivery cost of SF Express, and you can refer to the freight charges in the museum.

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This issue of hand-made jewelry uses shining diamonds with stable mood and purifying energy, together with white crystal, moonstone and cordierite, to design this energy rough jewelry series. I hope that through the energy brought by the original crystal energy, we can stabilize our hearts, let us face all the setbacks and tests brought about by life more st

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