【Sugar-reduced healthy meal】Women's prepared meal, always good food | Health Mfg. Co., Ltd.

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Healthy Diet
Healthy Diet
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【Sugar-reduced healthy meal】Women's prepared meal, always good food | Health Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Product Description

The carbohydrate (sugar) of this product accounts for less than 45% of the total calories. In general, a balanced diet recommends that carbohydrates (sugars) account for about 50-60% of total calories. A reduced sugar diet is defined as carbohydrates (sugars) accounting for 26-45% of total calories. Often menu diet method "Control diet starts with "Friday meal every week"" Ⅰ. Improve women's long-term lack of iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, VitD, E, dietary fiber, and calorie intake. Ⅱ. Red meat + high-iron and high-calcium vegetables as the main match. There is a feeling of fullness but not too much weight. Ⅲ. Duck legs and pork are rich in iron and minerals. Together with the rich vitamin B group in chicken breast, it helps to replenish high protein and often lacking nutrients. Ⅳ. Sugars come from beans and whole grains, which can supplement calories, protein, dietary fiber and soybean isoflavones. Ⅴ. Beetroot provides rich iron, combined with tomato's vitamin C, increases absorption efficiency. Ⅵ. Soup dumplings and salty pie, which can replace starch or serve as snacks to quickly add calories and nutrients. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/88ed96462c1b75318e18aa86c375893f52255101.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/f4aecd429cfdaa8558aae3e3213cf983453e7294.jpg **Combine content** ◎ Rourou Bao Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast*1/South American Style Slow-Roasted Chicken Drumsticks*1/Moroccan Style Low Fat Shredded Pork (Taiwan)*1/Pepper Stewed Duck Leg*2 ◎ Vegetable Buns Hot herbs and high protein vegetables*1/Rosemary white wine mixed mushrooms*1/Special spices steamed and grilled sticky group*1/Green curry vegetable stew with tofu*1/Provence tomato stew*1 ◎ Starch package Sugar-Controlled Bean Rice*1/Fennel Roasted Potato*1/Sugar-Controlled Tomato Stew*1 ◎ Soup soup bag Beetroot Soup*1/ Italian Tomato Vegetable Bean Soup*1 ◎ Dim sum salty pie Rosemary and Wild Mushroom Salty Pie*1/Sun-dried Tomato Margarita Salty Pie*1/Sugar-free Peanut Butter Cashew Nut Salty Pie*1 https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/5c432eec88f5785bf5a3db855066018eaeb142c6.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/807786bfb3a10a6a9b7c8d5f824191c3d1966f32.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/e1fd64f75ebe8e5e0a5888291d04ceb2cb2f0885.jpg Domestically selected high-quality chicken [Yuzheng Baby Chicken] ★Strictly selected: humane breeding, traceability farm ★Health: Probiotics and herb feeding ★Fresh and tender: domestically selected high-quality chicken ★Safe: SGS strictly inspected and qualified Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast: Rich red pepper powder and the aroma of Oregon, paired with low-fat and high-protein chicken breasts, the chef's unique cuisine is rich in flavor and not spicy! https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/b8b660222523846b6e03bd88c12e1f61a750c992.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/f8af52f65b2f5775bf1388d40c686cef4c709695.jpg South American style slow-roasted chicken thigh steak: The chicken thigh steak is marinated in synthetic spices for one day, giving the chicken thighs a rich smell and a fresh finish. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/b5f92372e6efa9e3cab37b0066a67b592863b4cc.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/d480bff7308d67aa5163d2237694496afb7f686e.jpg [Flower Field Xiyu] Non-toxic Happy Pig from Tianwei Garden ★Strictly selected: healthy breeding, traceable farm ★Health: Probiotics, vitamin supplements, carrots, organic mushrooms, and essential oil supplementation ★Fresh and tender: domestically selected healthy pork ★Safe: CAS, TAP production and sales history, ISO, HACCP, safe agricultural law Moroccan-style low-fat shredded pork: low-fat pork hind legs, marinated in Moroccan herbs for eight hours a day and slowly roasted to soften the meat without adding any chemical tenderizer. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/ce48660186fd2f5e2e12379b81c7696424382259.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/3718276ec2da95a7310af5decf181c97f6fab3a7.jpg Duck leg stewed with pepper: Duck meat is rich in protein and vitamins and minerals such as B group and iron. Add pepper to taste, add a touch of Linen and tangy aroma. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/921d0263c50a5271b3e0daf221cb3237c6c94619.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/14ceaa3ce1cab4ffcb952ae470848a80845aa6d9.jpg Hot mixed herbs and high-protein vegetables: Pea-pod vegetables with peanuts, enough fat and protein, a special sauce of lemon and mint to create a unique flavor. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/9a6f246ae64d0b28ce8ef0948eb927c33c52c190.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/33eb6e500a581f280f6ba3befe30104e2823d253.jpg Rosemary Liquor Synthetic Mushroom: Rich in unique polysaccharides and dietary fiber, it can adjust the body's ability to fight foreign objects. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/b716d3b2e7b5affcff6efac2acbc15c83f34c119.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/e0db5d80980158aeb5e1ff7f50ac8705de547310.jpg Special spices steamed and roasted viscous group: starchy vegetables rich in water-soluble fiber, are helpful for stabilizing body health. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/6cd11115157df4f7171899c0d25beeb477a97b5e.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/de461d06cbdd9e8955fcbd30c3c5c3a1df1d8f2c.jpg Green curry and vegetable stewed tofu: Tofu is rich in calcium and high-quality protein, with the unique sulfur compounds of kohlrabi and onions, as well as lycopene from tomatoes and vitamin C from sweet peppers. The chef’s special green curry paste does not thicken. , Starch-free, combined with the classic Thai green curry outlined by southern ginger and lemongrass! https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/54a6a34c4286ce0991ef41225234c7a92259b77d.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/3b9cfdff50dbe59115980da65c03adb5c714dd88.jpg Provence Tomato Stew: Based on tomato, with a variety of fresh vegetables, it provides rich phytochemicals and polysaccharides, and enhances the protection required by the body. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/06680cd971d588fca6b0899c9baddb7e414931b9.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/3e0adf2b6c4126d807800d001afb132f8e6250d6.jpg Sugar-controlled Bean and Bean Rice: Use soybeans and black beans instead of rice (high-quality prototype starch). Each serving of Bean and Bean Rice has 5g of dietary fiber, which is about 10 times that of ordinary white rice. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/8e1cfc93fadb192c37188bdb1f5bdb8b9a555958.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/7c1f5a8cfdc10efad269b6a0d6ca086eca6bb05c.jpg Fennel Roasted Potatoes: Specially cut large pieces of potatoes instead of white rice (high-quality prototype starch), which tastes more delicious. Fennel and vanilla seasoning is a special design to induce appetite. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/58fcf9ef0659a09c581e41d17f3a0d975f507f05.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/f88682b978ac2533c3ac7393c218013194169b40.jpg Sugar-controlled tomato stewed beans: stew tomato sauce and white kidney beans without adding sugar and thickening to reduce the intake of unhealthy starch. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/cca8e40f94bb859032e7879c0097d585144a86b9.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/293c90552b84cc5870bd84aed300435087f8be96.jpg Beetroot soup: Beetroot is known as "natural ruby", rich in iron and vitamins. It is matched with onion and celery to add more phytochemicals, potassium ions and dietary fiber, and it also makes the taste more mellow, which is very suitable for women's conditioning. Tonic food. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/50ceb41bdd0214f3d50537b6ea8ee5deaa14599e.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/adc42d2c43c04cc59eae655f87782d8a69b44638.jpg Italian Tomato Vegetable Bean Soup: A tomato-based vegetable soup that can take in lycopene, quercetin and potassium ions, and white beans and edamame are added to increase the content of protein and dietary fiber, making one serving full And nutritious soup. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/b77cacfe7f49a813c8d03b8d41f1f11c2c3c9fe2.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/5f0568037c4b68939b355b59a80259f110faa94c.jpg Starch-free snack salty pie ●Using vegetables and nuts to replace starch to make low-sugar and protein snacks. ●Suitable for low-carb diet, ketogenic diet, gluten-free diet. Salty Rosemary Mushroom Pie: The charming aroma of fresh rosemary and the Q-flavored taste of fresh eryngii mushrooms give the afternoon tea snacks a different experience of touch and smell, thanks to the special characteristics of the polysaccharides of mushrooms and rosemary essential oil. The effect greatly increases nutrition. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/24a206044657d079fc3408af282134c02252e8ac.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/cecddad721414c59f3a1b25ab581caa9e8e099a2.jpg Sun-dried tomato margarita pie: starch-free cauliflower tartare with mozzarella cheese, fresh basil and tomatoes are roasted in two ways. The sweet and sour taste and the vegetable tartare are made from egg and milk. Bear snacks. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/8cb092105620fd866b10167085a2c2fbca83ba18.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/bbb77315a5e2e6961e2152861f2db967edff6959.jpg Sugar-free peanut butter and cashew savoury pie: Use sugar-free peanut butter with cashews and olive oil to make the taste smoother. The top is decorated with pumpkin seeds, which is different from the salty taste in the past and provides you with a new choice of healthy sweets. https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/5f2fbf4bf681029a5d65ec13bd02b22e7c4d1634.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/f52fb99eb8e08f8baf6baa84b719f5cb48466be1.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/c46000fcc893d30bed1c68c7d6ba1ec52d93694a.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/a6c37d95c954d6d46eea1631ce8e1c179cd21c3b.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/527d0a853bf822d203a949faa5abc34fa02cd5de.jpg https://www.healthydiet.com.tw/uploads/b8caa45de8d59fa19c189b58339a71eeba85fa0f.PNG Thanks for sharing (Source: ig account breakfastgirl.fooddiary)

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Ⅰ. Improve women’s long-term iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, VitD, E, dietary fiber, and insufficient calorie intake. Ⅱ. Duck legs and pork are rich in iron and minerals, combined with the rich vitamin B complex in chicken breasts. Ⅲ. Sugars come from beans and whole grains, can supplement dietary fiber and soy isoflavones IV. Beetroot is rich in iron, and the vitamin C of tomatoes can increase absorption

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