A set of [CHAPTER clay beige] and Japanese tea. Only hot water with lid _ in a special box _ recommended for gifts. Easy to use authentic Japanese tea. Design that can put a tea bag on the lid

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A set of [CHAPTER clay beige] and Japanese tea. Only hot water with lid _ in a special box _ recommended for gifts. Easy to use authentic Japanese tea. Design that can put a tea bag on the lid

Product Description

This product is a set of [Tea cup _CHAPTER] and [Japanese tea bag (3g x 8 pieces)]. The teacup color is the [clay beige] page of all three colors. ▼ Please see this page for the teacup separately https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/nZ6L5pSL Good job From a good "one break". Only hot water that can be used for 100 years in the remote work era https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/minocamo-chaho/f9f19c4422e1d0174e17.jpeg ========== [Chapter], which has been well received in crowdfunding in Japan, is now on sale. ========== In 2020, there was a big change in the way we work. As we were forced to deal with remote work, the chances of moving from our daily lives were drastically reduced. From home to work, from project to project. Perhaps the loss of the movements that were taken for granted has reduced the number of good "breaks" that allow us to come up with ideas and get hints. We at Minokamo Tea Stall have developed a new teacup [chapter] in the remote work era so that we can adopt the act of drinking Japanese tea as one of the new habits that bring a good "break" to the living and work scenes. Now that the new way of working has taken root, we will start selling [Chapter] in the hope that we can contribute to more people's working hours. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What is CHAPTER >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ▶ Drink sencha for one person at the desk. I made the best shape for that act https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/952244b690d05e1638ae.jpg Open the lid and pour hot water. Add tea leaves and steam. Take out the tea leaves and drink while enjoying the aroma. We searched for the minimum element that would allow these series of flows to flow smoothly, and arrived at the composition of "only the water that can be weighed and the lid on which the tea leaves can be placed." ▶ Achieving both the tool-likeness of a new era and the standard of teacups https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/781d896b01229e833923.jpg The two elements derived from functionality have been incorporated into a minimalist appearance that fits into any space, whether Japanese or Western. When the lid is closed, as a tool for a new era. When you open the lid, only the hot water that everyone has seen. Two appearances make Japanese tea familiar. ▶ Although it is a base material, it is sturdy and can measure the amount of hot water. Tajimi that can be used for 100 years https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/749eb203b54e24b92c58.jpg The high-temperature processing method "Tajimi tightening", which is the pride of Minokamo Tea Stall's partner "Marusho Ceramics", has realized toughness and stain resistance even as it is. In addition, due to the edge processing that can be realized only because it is a base material, there is a line inside that can measure the appropriate amount of hot water. ▶ This raw material Three color variations that can only be realized by this manufacturing method https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/ba67fdb29611163d4f76.jpg A delicate "clear gray" created by the reaction of iron contained in the soil and transparent glaze. Rough "matt black". Three colors of "clay beige" are used, which uses a technique called "Tajimi tightening" that is baked at high temperature. Inside each, we have adopted a base that makes the most of the taste of the soil. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What is "Tajimi"? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ▶ Baking method "Tajimi" that realizes the durability of commercial tableware https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/minocamo-chaho/7b1c70d0b61b1e7c98fc.jpeg Marucho Ceramics Co., Ltd. is proud of its "Tajimi-jime" technique, which uses "reduction firing" technology to bake at a high temperature of 1,300 degrees Celsius when there is not enough oxygen in the kiln. On the other hand, household tableware generally sold at general stores is made by "oxidation firing". Dirt resistance and strength vary greatly. Reduction firing is costly and time-consuming, but it is the method adopted because it is Marucho Ceramics Co., Ltd., which aims to be the best OEM in the world to meet any demand. ▶ Soil selected for "Tajimi" This time, we used high-quality soil selected to take advantage of the goodness of reduction firing. Furthermore, Tajimi tightening can only be achieved if there is a technology to mold this soil with high density and no play. [Chapter] is a product created by combining carefully selected soil, molding technology by Marucho Ceramics craftsmen, and Tajimi. There are almost no manufacturers in Japan today that can only make hot water with this durability while keeping the texture of the base material without glaze on the inside. This video introduces the manufacturing process. https://youtu.be/UEghACxVY3Y >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Color variations >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ▶ Clear gray https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/81f7ef5b6706eef74340.jpg A color unique to this product that can only be created by combining this soil with transparent glaze. The contrast between the porcelain-like luster on the outside and the base material on the inside is attractive. ▶ Matte black https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/554b7bf75e82bf2ebc55.jpg A calm color that suppresses glossiness and a texture that leaves the texture of the base material ▶ Clay beige https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/298bc9043f71be2d979d.jpg An existence that embodies "Tajimi", which is the foundation of the entire circle inside and outside. The more you use it, the more you can enjoy the aging of the surface. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Details >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,lossless=1,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/e00a764df7d89a2a0c4b.png ・ Body weight: Approximately 320g ・ Delivered in a special chapter box ・ The front side has a logo / the back side has no logo ・ Amount of hot water: Approximately 180 ml (when poured to the inner line) -Material: Porcelain (no water absorption) ・ Microwave / dishwasher can be used (*) * Tableware may collide with each other in the dishwasher and be damaged. ・ The oven can be used up to 200 ℃ 【size】 ・ When the lid is closed: φ76 mm x height 110 mm ・ Teacup: φ76mm x height 82mm ・ Lid: φ76mm x height 28mm 【Precautions】 * Due to the characteristics of the pottery, fine spots and scratches on the surface, shades of color, uneven glaze thickness, and slight rattling and distortion may occur. In addition, this product is not airtight. * Please note that individual differences may occur before ordering. * Clay beige is a color that allows you to enjoy the texture of the base without glaze. When baking at high temperature, iron in the material reacts, and colors such as black and orange may appear in places. Items with a large appearance range are excluded by inspection, but please let us know if you are interested. We will consider replacement support to the extent possible. ▼ Please check the following for specific precautions. ① About faint printing of logo Due to the manufacturing method of printing the logo on the soil, white ◯ -shaped faintness may appear in the logo. https://img.enjine-network.com/_stores/c29a3af9bfbd8da2936ef5f58d5b4ba1.jpg ② [Clay beige] About the phenomenon of soil that looks like a scratch When the soil is baked at a high temperature, the soil may collide with each other, causing dents and swelling as shown in the photo. Not defective or scratched https://img.enjine-network.com/_stores/58c3f43e1059a937034dee2f3736e1a9.jpg ③ [Clay beige] About color change The chemical reaction that occurs when the soil is baked at a high temperature may cause color changes (mainly black, orange, and white) as shown in the photograph. Not defective or dirty https://img.enjine-network.com/_stores/2cbfa423bd3d908c0e5d99c37c9ca253.jpg https://img.enjine-network.com/_stores/fe93705e39811e50de7494203ec333a7.jpg ④ [Matte Black] [Clear Gray] Individual differences in glaze Since the glaze is applied to the lid and the line that does not cover the inside of the main body, it seems that there is a gap depending on the combination of the main body and the lid. The process of applying the glaze is all manual. Please note that the degree of glaze application may vary from individual to individual and may not be uniform for all products. https://img.enjine-network.com/_stores/3c8ac14f47e737852cd8d331a4a2dc50.jpg ⑤ About airtightness This product is not airtight. Please understand and understand that you cannot use it like a storage container to seal it, just because you can put a lid on the main body of the cup. There is some play (room to move) in realizing this shape in pottery. However, since the lid is shaped to mesh with the main body, it can be stacked without slippage if you cover it with the center aligned, even if it is not hermetically sealed. ⑥ About carrying when pouring boiling water Unlike double-walled glasses, this product can get very cold or hot depending on the temperature of the drink you put inside. Please think that the temperature change is the same as that of ordinary ceramic teacups. It gets very hot when you pour boiling water into it, so please be careful when carrying it. There is a line inside the main body that can measure the right amount of hot water for one cup. It is recommended that you pour hot water using the line as a guide, and hold the upper part of the line when carrying it. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Japanese tea from Minokamo Tea Stall >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/5ef4be7186c32a22230b.jpg There are three types of Japanese tea sold as a set with the chapter this time. All tea bag type tea (3g x 8 pieces). ▶ Sencha teabag https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/40235ba60eadad7cc932.jpg https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/f2a6a85c7461bb730e00.jpg "Sencha" is a blended tea with the theme of "tea that can be drunk deliciously at any temperature of 0 to 100 ° C". It is a standard product of Minokamo Tea Stall that you should drink first if you get lost. When brewed slowly at low temperature, it has a refreshing sweetness, and when brewed in hot water, the original youthful and refreshing aroma of tea leaves is enhanced. A deep taste with rich umami and sharp astringency. We hope you enjoy the expression of Japanese tea that changes depending on the temperature. ▶ houjicha teabag https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/ed3b67fb65e5aa720d60.jpg https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/2822954ec7d8b6cfbcaa.jpg The mellow aroma of tea leaves roasted only from the first tea is exceptional. Hojicha is generally served in boiling water, but since this tea leaf goes well with water and ice soup stock, it can be enjoyed throughout the spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can enjoy the fragrant flavor when brewed in hot water, and the mellow sweetness when brewed in slightly chilled water. ▶ Japanese tea (wakocha) teabag * wakocha: tea made in Japan https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/c25002971e50b0940615c89eba3929e01535f341533ec4a16f4703ac9f5180b6.jpg https://p1-e6eeae93.imageflux.jp/c!/f=webp:auto,a=2,w=924,h=660,b=ffffff00/minocamo-chaho/e6ed4ef6b30af60aefeb.jpg "Japanese black tea" is black tea made using only domestic tea leaves. Compared to foreign black tea, it has less astringency and a gentle taste. Minokamo Tea Stall's Japanese black tea is cultivated in Higashishirakawa Village, with three varieties: "Benifuuki", a representative variety of Japanese tea, "Yabukita", and "Koushun", a variety with a gorgeous scent. Is blended to create a refreshing sweetness and a gorgeous scent. You can enjoy it with milk or sugar, but Minokamo Tea Stall's Japanese black tea is especially less astringent and easy to drink, so first of all, I would like you to feel the original taste of tea leaves straight. [Recommended brewing method] (1) Pour hot water that has been boiled well into a mug and wait 30 seconds to lower the temperature of the hot water (100 ° C → 90 ° C). ② Put the tea bag in hot water and wait for 1 minute. ③ Shake it up and down 2-3 times to adjust it to the desired darkness, and then remove it. * You can adjust the density by the number of times you shake. ④ For the second roast, pour boiling water at 90 ℃ or higher, wait for 30 seconds, shake it up and down 2-3 times, and then remove it. * If you want to enjoy Japanese black tea as milk tea, it is recommended that you wait 2-3 minutes longer than usual and brew it thicker. 【Preservation method】 Tea leaves are very vulnerable to "humidity, high temperature and ultraviolet rays". After opening, transfer to a container such as a tea canister with high airtightness. Please store in a place that does not get hot [Tea bag specifications] ·size Width 36.8 x Height 15.8 x Thickness 4.7 (cm) ·Internal capacity 3g x 8 pieces ·Sell by Sencha / Hojicha_10 months (before opening) Japanese black tea_18 months (before opening)

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Good work starts with a good "break". Only hot water that can be used for 100 years in the remote work era (tea cup). A design that allows you to place a tea bag on the lid, which has been highly acclaimed in Japanese crowdfunding. It is a highly durable product packed with the technology of the famous pottery production area "Tajimi tajimi".

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3g x 8
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Room temperature、Avoid heat、Keep dry、Avoid direct sunlight
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300 day(s) after the manufacturing date

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