Pinkdales. Ginseng. 14K Rose Gold Moonstone Earrings∣ Moonstone (#MNUMM78-3)

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❖❖ Produced by an American design team❖❖ 14K GP (Gold Plate) rose gold + high-quality natural moonstone + high-quality 925 sterling silver ❖❖ no retouching and no post-made natural light ❖❖ full refund for fake inspection

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Pinkdales. Ginseng. 14K Rose Gold Moonstone Earrings∣ Moonstone (#MNUMM78-3)

Product Description : **Please be sure to read the following "Production Process and Maintenance" carefully before purchasing, thank you.** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ❖**Size reference**❖ Diameter of the gemstone circle: about 6 mm ❖**Product material**❖ 14K GP (Gold Plate) rose gold + high quality natural moonstone + high quality 925 sterling silver Gemstones will emit a beautiful blue-purple or rainbow halo depending on the angle of view and light refraction, but the moon halo effect of each gem is different. ❖**Design and Manufacture**❖ United States-made by the US design team ❖**Manufacturing process and maintenance**❖ ➊ In order to strike a balance between vision, aesthetic design, health and cost, we adopt a compromise method, using high-quality 925 sterling silver as the base (cheap copper, aluminum or metal tires that are not used in the market), plus 14K GP with 58.5% gold content (Gold Plate) Rose gold plated production, guaranteed not allergic. ➋ When not wearing it, please be sure to put it in the zipper bag and make sure that the seal is completely sealed (gift when you purchase it), which can effectively avoid oxidation and blackening. Since I often wear it myself, I only store it in a jewelry box. It can be seen from the following photos that after almost two years, the rose gold has not been oxidized and blackened significantly (the other reason is that the ears are not easily accessible. Skin care products, perfumes and other compounds). ➌ Since the ear acupuncture will be worn out by the back buckle for a long time, the plating color is very likely to be scratched after a long time. The following photos are the actual photos of myself after wearing them for a year and eleven months. Wearing this), you can see that the front of the earrings are in good color, but the 925 sterling silver base is shown after the color plating of the ear pins is worn. I am allergic, so I attach great importance to whether it will cause allergies, redness, inflammation and other health problems. Please rest assured. ➍ If you haven’t worn it for a long time and haven’t put it in a zipper bag to cause oxidation and discoloration, the remedy: use your fingers to moisten toothpaste without particles and add water, and gently rub the metal part with your fingertips (please do not use your fingernail Buckle), there is an opportunity to improve the blackening phenomenon. ➎ If you are very concerned that the color of the ear pins will wear out and become 925 sterling silver, it is recommended to spend more money and buy**pure 14K**(high K) products. Based on the size and design of our products, without gems, the**pure 14K earrings**about $7,000 or more, and the**pure 14K earrings**products with gems are about $10,000 or more. The price is for reference. For those who**Pure 14K**, it is recommended to study on their own for more peace of mind. (Note: The following three photos are of the same style and color, which I kept by myself. They are also actual photos after wearing them for a year and eleven months, for reference) ❖**Knowledge of K gold**❖ ➀ 24K gold = 99.9% gold ➁ 18K gold = 75.0% gold + 25.0% silver/copper ➂ 14K gold = 58.5% gold + 31.5% silver/copper ➃ 10K gold = 41.7% gold + 58.3% silver/copper ➄ 9K gold = 37.5% gold + 62.5% silver/copper ◆ More than 50% of the gold ratio (high K), because of the hard texture, stable composition and high ductility, many brands are used to using 18K gold or 14K gold. ◆ Less than 50% golden ratio (low K), with harder texture, stable composition and general ductility. The disadvantage is that it is easier to fade or oxidize. There are many Japanese light jewellery or Hong Kong mainland products that do not indicate the production process. In principle Make more (low K) production. ◆**For those who advertise 14K rose gold but the price is very low, it is likely to be made of cheap copper, aluminum or even metal tires (non-allergenic materials). For friends with allergies, please be sure to ask before buying, so as not to affect health.** ➊ Mark KGP (Gold Plate): gold-plated → whether you are allergic or not depends on the base material, the fading condition depends on the maintenance method, if there is deliberate wear and tear, the base material may be exposed (925 sterling silver is silver white, and cheap metal may be black) , The price is relatively close to the people ➋ Mark KSG (Solid Gold): pure K gold (all are K gold) → not sensitive, not fading, and expensive * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ❖**Energy Healing**❖ Moonstone can be used as a guardian stone for fertility, love, protection and sleep. Regardless of East and West, it has been believed since ancient times that moonstone and the moon are inseparably related. In astrology, the moon represents the womb, family, and intimacy. The constantly changing white reflections on its surface, which gemologists call "the feldspar halo", are like moonlight, representing a powerful and kind energy. Moonstone corresponds to the brow chakra and the crown chakra. According to legend, it can give the wearer the dual ability of prophecy and perspective. It is also suitable for use in meditation and can help us enter the realm of tranquility and concentration. As I understand the astrolabe, I know that everyone has a need for inner security. Regardless of the external characteristics of the person standing in front of him, he must have a moon planet on his astrolabe. In life, we can't stop receiving the feelings of others. As a monoclinic moonstone, it can reflect the deep state of our soul and let people understand our own problems better. The specialty of this crystal structure is to absorb negative energy. , Exchanges positive energy, but also because of this characteristic, moonstone is also a gem that needs to be purified frequently. Just like sensitive people, after over-delivering themselves, they often need to return to their own space to help themselves recharge and calm down. As for the crystal healing world, moonstones are used to soothe and balance the individual’s emotions, because when the emotional response prevails, it is actually difficult for us to connect with the higher levels of reality. The moonstone corresponding to the brow chakra and the crown chakra will become a gentle guardian when we enter the channel of the subconscious, helping us to balance the negative energy back, and then have the opportunity to soothe and heal. Once we clear the mind Miscellaneous thoughts free up space and wisdom will have a chance to enter. With the assistance of the moonstone, we will be able to connect with divine inspiration and direct it to our own intuition. The moonstone encourages introspection and judgment, which makes it easier for us to make decisions. It can also enhance people's emotional vision, bringing greater creativity and freedom of expression. Moonstone can increase our vibration frequency, so as to smoothly transition to the state of meditation. If the moonstone is placed in the manipura chakra, the brow chakra and the crown chakra are used together, it can calm the trembling mind and body, which may improve our meditation state, so that we can simply feel and stay in that quiet space. Will not be distracting. Moonstone can help open the crown chakra and bring loving white healing energy that will flow through us to the core of life. Moonstone can help us remember our nature because it has the ability to balance hormones and menstrual cycles. Intuition and insight remind us of the nature of women with regular cycles and help anyone connect to all the different periods experienced in life. . Moonstone is a very helpful gem for many women. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ❖**Starry Sky Commitment**❖ The product is Natural, and there is no similar stone or imitation product, and the full refund will be refunded. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ❖**Intimate reminder**❖ ➀ We use natural minerals. If this group of products is composed of more than one gem, the crystal color of each crystal will be slightly different. This is normal and not a defect. ➁ Natural gems generally have natural ice cracks, stone patterns (clouds) or ribbons, as well as mineral symbiosis and inclusions. This is also the reason why natural gems are precious. I hope you can enjoy the unique existence of gems And beauty. ➂ According to the characteristics of natural gemstones, some will have fascinating glossy reflections under different angles or light, and the transparency and color intensity will vary depending on the scene. ➃Starry Gems ∣ Starry Gems's gem photos, the product itself is completely unretouched, no post-production, and taken with natural light. ➄ Due to multiple sales channels, if there are two or more people bidding for the same product at similar time, they will be**"Payment Time Earlier"**, and the rest of the payment will be refunded. ➅ If you like or pursue perfection, natural gemstones may not be suitable for you. Please think twice before placing an order.

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