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Glass Fragrances Transparent - Natural essential oil fragrance spray | Single-packed textured packaging | voyager

Product Description

:::Natural plant essential oil fragrance spray::: in tired moments Heal yourself It is also a gift for him/her to remind him/her to take care of himself/herself ✱ Simple ingredients ✱ No artificial flavors ✱Natural essential oils ✱ Aromatherapy can help relax :::Fragrance introduction::: **Muyi|Hvar Island** With a sense of freedom and refreshing wood tone🕊 🌬 🌾 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top note: cypress Middle notes: Alpine real lavender, geranium, rosewood Base note: cedar __Fragrance profile__ "Hvar Island" has the comfortable impression of a vast grassland. The strong green vanilla scent of lavender clears the mind, and combined with cypress essential oil brings a smooth nose, instantly clearing away accumulated negative emotions; the calm aroma of cedar at the end gently turns the refreshing grassy scent into a warm finish. __aroma story__ The inspiration for the fragrance comes from riding a bicycle through the grassland during the journey. The endless green grass spreads the green grass smell to the face with the gentle breeze; the green and astringent vanilla smell gradually fills the nasal cavity and even flows into the forehead, which is a unrestrained feeling. , forget any feeling of baggage. So we simulated the comfortable aroma experience at that time and tried to break the pleasure of modern oppressive life. We specially selected the top French lavender essential oil as the main aroma to create "Hvar Island", a lavender island in Croatia. (Hvar Island). The scent of geranium and rosewood are added to it, which complement each other and strengthen the impression of green grass, making people feel fresh and comfortable as if they are on a lavender plain🌿😌 - **Mu San | Mountain Stream** The aroma from the valley is warm and resolute, soothing sensitive moods🌿⛰🍂 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top notes: grapefruit, cardamom Middle notes: wild ginger flower, balsam, geranium Base Notes: Myrrh, West Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli __Fragrance profile__ "Mountain Stream" is a valley in the mountains, mixed with the firm and warm aroma of forest trees and moist soil. The charming spicy aroma of wild ginger flower and cardamom essential oil is blended with essential oils such as resin, sandalwood, and patchouli to create a warm and calm earth aroma. This aroma seems to be like a backer, protecting the surroundings. Looking at you, the uneasy mood gradually fades away. __aroma story__ In the rainy season of July, I took a walk on the Yejianghuaxi Trail. The stream beside the trail gurgled down. The stream was covered with groups of trees. The stream water mixed the soil and stones. Here you can smell the smell of moist soil, and the wild flowers blooming beside it. Ginger flowers exude a faint fragrance, and the various natural aromas are as rich and harmonious as a symphony, making people feel calm. We blended the strong floral fragrance brought by wild ginger flowers with sandalwood to create a warm and stable fragrance deep in the mountains by the creek. - **Wood Five|Heavenly Kashmir** Like passing by a bakery, the healing aroma that inadvertently attracts people 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top note: bergamot Middle notes: clary sage, elderflower, vanilla Base notes: West Indian sandalwood, cedar, arborvitae __Fragrance profile__ American vanilla essential oil is selected, with a sweet and charming milky aroma, and clary sage essential oil with herbal tea aroma is added to depict the vast grassland. Then it is embellished with bergamot and elderflower for a bright fragrance, and finally added " Woody aromas such as arborvitae and West Indian sandalwood, known as the "Tree of Life", give the base note the calm depth of the forest and the earth. __aroma story__ Walking into the world of Shangri-La standing at a high altitude, what you see when you look up is the mountains surrounded by snow. The mountains are occasionally dotted with clouds and mist, so close to the sky; when you look down, you see a piece of lush grass, which is vast. It extends all the way to the foot of the mountain. This kind of scenery is repeated here indiscriminately. Alpine goats (a famous local goat with soft hair) are eating grass on the magnificent grassland. 》The fragrance is created based on this paradise-like dreamy scenery. - **Haiyi|Photosynthetic Island Sunlight Zone** With seawater minerality and sunshine aroma🍋🌊🐚 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top notes: grapefruit, lemon, pheasant pepper Middle notes: real lavender, orange blossom, balsam Base notes: myrrh, cedar __Fragrance profile__ Grapefruit, lemon, and pheasant pepper are three kinds of plant essential oils with fruity, sweet and sour aromas, creating a sense of warmth that shines from the sun and penetrates from the sea level to the water; the light-transmitting layer of the ocean is filled with many corals, reefs, algae, Fish and other living things; in the middle and base notes, you can smell a slightly salty, mineral, refreshing and leisurely aroma, which is a balanced fragrance that is captured after a long blend of orange blossom, lavender and balsam; the base notes are myrrh And cedar essential oil depicts the tolerance and warmth of the ocean, quiet and vast. __aroma story__ The ocean is divided into the Sunlight Zone, the Twilight Zone, and the Midnight Zone. The protagonist of the fragrance "Photosynthetic Island" is the "Twilight Zone". The azure ocean extends downwards in the light blue sky. There are often marshmallow-like white clouds floating on the skyline. Fragmented islands and reefs are randomly distributed, and various marine animals and plants are photosynthesizing in various areas. Function: Corals grow in groups, stretching like the Great Wall. Even in the sea, it does not feel dark. The sunlight penetrates the sea level and sparkles in the water. The corals and seaweeds sway slightly to welcome this brightness. The fish are happy. Weaving through it. You can smell the vitality of the ocean's translucent layer in this fragrance, with layers of orange blossom, fruity notes and woods flowing. - **Hai Er|Calming Beach for afternoon tea** Comfortable and refreshing aroma of lemon herbal tea🍹🍵🍋 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top notes: Sicilian lemon, Australian eucalyptus Middle notes: Palmarosa, coriander seed, cardamom Base notes: rosewood, vetiver __Fragrance profile__ Freshly squeezed, juicy Sicilian lemons and the refreshing herbal aroma of eucalyptus bloom at the beginning; Then palmarosa and coriander seeds are added to create a mouth-watering taste like summer fruit tea. The rose wood fragrance of rosewood at the end, It blunts those smells that you worry will be too sour, and adds the finishing touch to improve the overall fragrance texture! It has just the right acidity and a pleasant herbal tea aroma, with the aroma of orange mate tea. __aroma story__ On a sunny summer afternoon, the coconut trees swayed with the sea breeze and made a rustling sound. The refreshing herbal and fruit tea in your hand, with its sweet and sour taste, made the summer heat disappear. "Afternoon Tea Beach" was inspired to create a fragrance under such a scenery. We brought the cool feeling into our hearts through the fragrance. The eucalyptus and Sicilian lemon essential oils, the protagonists of the fragrance, bring a cool and fresh herbal and fruity aroma. . The base notes of rosewood and vetiver stabilize the diffusion of the aroma and make the fragrance more layered! After igniting it, the prelude of the fragrance is instantly opened, just like being on the beach in a summer afternoon, watching the beach being washed by the white waves, the sand grains sparkling, lying on the beach chair and relaxing lazily. - **Flower 4|Miscanthus Path** The floral fragrance is soft and slightly sweet, a fragrance that is highly acceptable to the public! 𝑵𝒐𝒕𝒆. Top note: cardamom Middle notes: rose geranium, chamomile Base note: rose __Fragrance profile__ The fragrance is dominated by three floral aromas, and cardamom essential oil with a warm spice flavor is added to bring out a dry floral aroma. Among them, the fragrance of rose geranium has a slight woody herbal aroma, which makes the overall fragrance richer; in autumn, the flower spikes of miscanthus gradually turn from red to Silver white, creating a sea of earth-tone flowers, as beautiful as a desert with a sense of vicissitudes of life. "Mosquito Path" presents such floral fragrance. __aroma story__ Whenever autumn comes, miscanthus flowers in Taiwan begin to appear everywhere. On the riverside, on the top of the mountain, on the trails or among the crisscrossing grass and trees, groups of silvery white miscanthus flowers sway in the wind. It is very spectacular and makes my heart throb. How to scent this kind of picture, and thus "Mosquito Path" was born! This essential oil formula is friendly to cats and dogs. It avoids essential oils that cause allergies, toxins and other discomforts, and can be enjoyed in spaces with pets (please note that if your pet hates the scent of the spray, please do not force it to use it. After all, cats and dogs have poor sense of smell. Much more sensitive than humans) 🤍 Introduction to essential oil fragrance spray Capacity: 25ml or 50ml Ingredients: Perfume alcohol, pure water, plant essential oils Usage: Please shake before use, spray 3 to 5 times on the space or cloth, and increase or decrease the concentration according to personal preference. Note: Some spray essential oils are darker in color. If you are worried about staining, please avoid spraying on white fabrics. Suitable for use: room, pillow, toilet, car, any fabric. (More scents will continue to be added in the future, so stay tuned)

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Fragrance spray blended with plant essential oils, aroma therapy can also help relax/the fragrances are all voyager's original fragrances. Spray 3~5 times to make the space look brand new!

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