9 Romantic Desserts to Seal the Deal

The special day is coming soon—that evening you’ve had all planned out in your head, where you’ll whip up a candlelight dinner for your sweetie, and get ready to pop the question. Your specialty beef bourguignon is sure to dazzle, but at the end of the night, it’s the sweet, romantic dessert that will seal the deal!


1. Thought Bubble Cookies

Thought Bubble Cookies from Cup’o Story

Whether you’ve already said it a million times or you’ve been too shy to speak up, thought bubble cookies will make your words even sweeter!


2. Pound Cakes

Silicone Springform Pan from Country Alley

Sweet, substantial and reliable. Here’s the chance to demonstrate you’re a family man (or woman)!



Cupcake Pin from Hello! Town

Sweetness is in the details: make it a pair, and let her choose first!


4. Bittersweet Chocolate

You’ve gone through so many up-and-downs, only the bittersweet stories prove the depth of your love.


5. Heart-melting Macarons

Macaron Magnet from La France

Paint candy-colored dreams together and believe that yes, this love is for real!


6. Fresh-ingredient Sorbet

Wooden Spoon from Kuku Butik

Pick up a pint from a local creamery! Enjoy the fruity sweetness and refresh your relationship.


7. Natural Snacks

Taiwan Fir Wooden Plate from Corp

Perhaps you’re not a fan of sugar-coating every word. Go basic with nuts and fruits that are naturally sweet!


8. Cheesecake

Handmade Cutting Board from HaoHuo Lab

When you know it’s not the cheesecake but the crust that she loves, seeking out the perfect crust will surely win her heart!


9.  Strawberry Cream Pie

Heart-Bottomed Glass from Red Liuli

It goes without saying that strawberry and cream are the perfect relationship models: they bring nothing but love and positivity to the world!


Whatever you go for, his/her sweet tooth will be on your side!

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