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7 Long Distance Relationship Gifts that Keep Your Love Strong

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Distance means so little when someone means so much.

Finding the right gift can be tricky for your long distance partner when really it's the simple things you want—like giving a hug, holding hands and using matching mugs! The heart longs for such magical moments, so if you feel good-byes come too often, try these gift ideas and apartment goodies to keep your hearts warm until the next time.


Our Worlds Couple Ring from Art64

Nothing beats a classic pair of couple rings, especially when it shows who you are as a couple!


Ruby Bandage from Uhuhu

Words of love and acts of devotion will always heal the aching heart.


Red String of Fate Buttons from Darwa

When the Matchmaking God ties invisible red strings on you and your S.O’s fingers, you’re destined to be together for the rest of your life.


Sweet Home Pillow from The Solaceful Bird

A pillow for your home, a pillow for my home, but one day they’ll be together in our future love nest!


Celestial Globe Necklace from Palnart Poc

When you miss someone, tell it to the stars. Perhaps the night sky will help you meet your lover sooner, like the pica bird bridge in the tale of Qixi)!


Kiss Cup from Sunart

Can you take a hint? This “KI” and “SS” mug set is as low-profile (or high-profile, if you read Japanese) as you can get for a private moment.


Customized Felt Kitten from Maudaiguo Handicraft

Don’t forget the furry family member! Bring a miniature of her Siamese to make you feel closer to home, wherever you may be.


Long distant lovers unite!

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