10 Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Gifts to Wow Your Chinese Friends

Fall is upon us and it's time to prepare Mid-Autumn Festival gifts for family, friends, and colleagues. To choose the right gift, know that Mid-Autumn Festival is a day for family reunion as well as feast and harvest. Traditional mooncakes are shared, traditional poetry is cited, gourmet gifts such as tea and home and living goods will also cordially deliver your good wishes. The best gifts are the ones that remind people of the coziness of home. Check out these thoughtful gifts designed just for this season!


★ Gifts to eat and drink

To make an impression

Mid-Autumn Festival Gift from Wolf Tea

Peek at the moon through Chinese window grilles while sipping limited edition oolong and osmanthus Baozhong. This gift set anticipates the coming of the full moon in the traditional poetic Chinese manner—a generous, presentable gift for anyone you'd like to please.


For flavor explorers

Reunion Dried Fruit Set from Sunnygogo

Fruit gift sets are appropriate gifts year-round in Chinese communities—it’s practical, close to the everyday life and stems from the farming culture. These dried fruits let you send exotic Taiwanese varieties across the globe attached with an illustration postcard! (Like it? Message shop to arrange international delivery!)


For families with kids

Cookies from The Other Way

This colorful biscuit set is a fun way to carry the spirit of boxed fruit gifts without overly cultural references. It’ll fit in with any occasion for harvest season blessings—say goodbye to watermelons and hello to fresh fall apples!


For non-old-school friends

Autumn Drips Beans and Cup Set from Biaugust

This set of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans and Taiwanese Yingge ceramic drip cup is designed to enjoy in an autumn breeze. Take a modern approach to satisfy your caffeine junkie friend with the seasonal Autumn Drips or Coffee Sole mug set. (Like it? Message shop to arrange international delivery!)


For the sweet tooth

Mid-Autumn Sweets Box from Little Sugarman

A combo set packed with the popular caramel-filled scallion crackers, freeze-dried pineapples and mango, and caramels packed in 3 mini suitcases for original, honey lemon and passion fruit pineapple flavors. It will satisfy a big group of sweet tooths from before to after dinner!


★ Gifts for the home

For the hostess or a big family

Ceramic Coaster from Decoramics

Imagine these ceramic coasters reflecting the moonlight as everyone gathers around for a cup of tea. The carvings resemble window grilles common in Chinese homes, embraced by circles symbolizing reunion.


For friends who love traditions

Pomelo Soap from G’s Life

Mid-Autumn Festival is not complete without some fresh pomelo! But since pomelo is native to Southeast Asia, overseas Asians are often left nostalgic for a sweet clove of pomelo. Surprise them with this miniature pomelo. Bonus: G’s Life donates 10% to Taitung county in Taiwan, a region often hit by typhoons in the autumn season.


For artists and poets

Handmade Soap from Mood Design

This poetic gift set captures the look, the smell, and the touch of the autumn full moon. Inspire your artistic friends and indulge them in a variety of senses! (Check out more bath and body gifts.)


For the collector

Moon Cake Tea Cup from Dotdesign

Home goods resembling moon cakes have become popular alternatives for the sweet treats filled with bean paste. This set of mini cups is good for proper tea tasting, and are carved with Chinese characters that combines into a full moon blessing.


For time-tested buddies

Fir Moon Cake Cameo from Sylvia

Another moon cake alternative! Made with local luanta fir, this wooden moon cake replica brings a woody fragrance to the home with a customized message on the back. Good for those who love the moon cake tradition but treasure objects with a longer shelf life!


With a good mix of creativity and culture, these gifts will delight your friends and family!

How to enjoy autumn

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Text: Melissa

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