Kris Recommends! 5 Scary Movie Night Cult Films to Watch with Friends

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It’s not Halloween without watching at least a classic scary movie! If you’re scared of scary movies, don’t be just yet. Pinkoist Kris is a huge fan of cult films and weird movies, and out of his countless favorites, he managed to pick out 5 cult films for us that are artistic, creative, humorous and mind-bending.

As a bonus, he has some great recommendations on how to plan the perfectly weird movie night with your friends for each film! Let’s find out what these cult movie favorites are, beginning with... cats!


1. House (1977)

Source : Discreet Charms & Obscure Objects


High schooler Gorgeous invites her friends Kung Fu, Prof, Fantasy, Mac, Melody, and Sweet to her auntie’s house. When the girls arrive, everything seems perfect, until it isn’t. This is one trip they likely wish they hadn’t made–I love cats but never trust auntie’s.

Why Kris likes it:

This is the most beautiful film I have ever seen. It’s like a prolonged dream sequence with gorgeous matte paintings, moments that oscillate between cute girl humor and ghostly horror, and stylized effects to achieve its most ambitious bonkers scenes including an electricity cat leaping from a painting. According to the director, he asked his daughter for input into what scared her and put those fears directly into this film. When released in Japan, audience loved it, but critics hated it. Regardless, after you have “experienced” House, you’ll regret not seeing it sooner.

You should watch this cult film if you're this weird:

You’d love being scared to death by a flame-spitting cat.

Make it a scary movie night this way:

Wear masks and watch it at a friend’s home, and get freaked out by all the shadows and corners in the house, especially upon returning to your own home.

Moon and bird over village garlands


2. Freaks (1932)

Source: Wikipedia, Monovisions


Cleopatra, a beautiful trapeze artist swindles fellow circus performer Hans, a kind hearted but wealthy dwarf. At their wedding ceremony, among all the circus’ freaks, Cleopatra spills the beans that she is in love with the strong man. She’s also secretly poisoned Hans to take his millions when he dies, but the freak show friends have plans for Cleopatra and it's a dish best served cold.

Why Kris likes it: 

It’s a movie unlike any other. Seriously, no film has ever had such a diverse cast of players and at 63 minutes long, it’s shorter than an episode of Game of Thrones, and just as entertaining and shocking. Running away from his wealthy family at 16, director Tod Browning joined the circus. This became the bedrock for his film, which features real circus “freaks” as the film’s protagonists.

You should watch this cult film if you're this weird:

You thought of running away to join a group of outsiders and misfits.

Make it a scary movie night this way:

Make yourself a big top tent and watch it within. Tips: Get a laptop, put it on the floor, then take table chairs and form a semicircle around the screen, toss a blanket over the chairs and enter the tent … if you dare.


3. Rear Window (1954)

Source: The Hitchcock Zone, Wikipedia


Jeff Jefferies is trapped in his apartment confined to a wheelchair with a broken leg during one of the hottest summers on record. From the rear window in his apartment, he can see all the apartments in his court yard, as everyone keeps their windows open due to the hot, hot, heat. When Jeff hears a neighbor scream out at night he grows concerned, when he notices through binoculars the woman’s husband is cleaning a knife and saw the next morning, he grows suspicious. But when spying on others, you should bear in mind an open window works both ways …

Why Kris likes it:

Rear Window is my favorite Hitchcock film. Set entirely in one location, Jeff’s apartment overlooking the courtyard below, the film is masterfully directed. The confined space provides the film with a claustrophobic tension throughout. As a child I used to part the blinds and peep out the window at my neighbors and passersby, but after Rear Window, I thought twice about being a snoop. If you’re a fan of films which do something extraordinary, make it seem ordinary, and when you realize it have the desire to watch it again, this is the flick for you.

You should watch this cult film if you're this weird:

If you’ve ever been caught looking a little too long at something someone doesn’t want you to see.

Make it a scary movie night this way:

Watch the movie at night with your back to a window with the blinds pulled all the way up, the bright TV will make it impossible for you to see just who’s watching you.

Cat peeking from the window sticker


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4. Carnival of Souls (1962)

Source: Crave


Mary Henry and her girlfriends are challenged to a road race by two young men. During the climax of the race, the girls’ car veers off a bridge into a lake. When Mary Henry awakes unharmed, she finds the world isn’t how she remembered it before the accident, she also doesn’t recall how she survived the horrific crash, but a strange man will help her find out soon enough.

Why Kris likes it: 

The film, a low budget production, required the director to think on his feet and utilize guerrilla techniques. Recycling set pieces from films already made and pleading with town members to shoot on location at no cost, Herk Harvey put his soul into this production. Unfortunately, it was a box office bomb and the low returns made Harvey shy away from feature films, making Carnival of Souls his only attempt.

You should watch this cult film if you're this weird:

If you wake from a nightmare and wish you could fall back asleep to return to that world.

Make it a scary movie night this way:

Watch it in your car. I’m serious. Many key moments from the film take place in automobiles, so there’s no better place to view this classic flick. It’s free to view on YouTube and even Wikipedia, so grab your phone or tablet and head to the car, but whatever you do, don’t look in the backseat.

Brushed metallic car pin


5. Wicker Man (1973)

Source: STUDIOCANAL via Visit Scotland


Police sergeant Howie is sent a letter about the strange disappearance of a young girl named Rowan at Summerisle. A devout Christian, the police officer is shocked to see the people of the island follow the old celtic religion Paganism. But even more disturbing, the people of the island and the missing girl’s mother are claiming the child never even existed.

Why Kris likes it:

It’s still culturally relevant today. Part of its scariness comes from being totally devoted to one's religion to the point of doing things that seem illogical or inhumane. Another thrilling element is the mystery which unravels throughout the film. Attentive viewers will pick up on some subtle moments, but ultimately, the film’s finale is shocking—a classic in horror cinema.


You should watch this cult film if you're this weird:

You think about the secret life random people you see in public live.  

Make it a scary movie night this way:

Sit inside a wicker basket and view it from the comfort of your own living room. If you don’t have a basket or, like me, you’re claustrophobic, wicker furniture is perfectly fine too.

Wicker lamp shade


There you have it, Kris’s top scary cult film recommendations for curious scaredy-cats like us! While we’re already excited about these movies, if you’ve got a bigger appetite, Kris would love to suggest even more intense films that’ll keep you forever weird year-round—just comment below and give him a shout out!


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