Give a Spin on Fall Fashion’s Unique Textures and Rich Colors

Leather Card Holder from DWARF 

Fashion is much more fun when you bring embraced trends to unexpected places. We know this season calls for leather and suede, jewel tones and metallic sheens, but these pieces take them further and show you how to be unpredictable with the most popular fall textures!


Wool Ball Earrings from Sanwaitsai 

Not in the mood for sweaters yet? These wool earrings dressed up with dainty brass offers just the right amount of coziness.


Washable Kraft Paper Tote from Jomu Studios

Washable kraft paper has the look and touch like leather, but is lightweight and vegan—a trending material for the forward-looking bag lovers! (Read more: Featured Shop | Jomu Studios)


Paper Crane Ring from Chiny & Mercury Workshop

Looking for natural material inspirations? The pulp and fiber of origami paper is a refreshing tactile spin on jewelry!


Midnight Blue Velvet Swimsuit from Bullet by Army of Interns 

Everybody’s doing it, so let’s do it a different way… immerse yourself in velvet while swimming in a midnight ocean.


Cotton Pearl Necklace from Miss Mos

Made out of compressed cotton, Japan’s “cotton pearl” is extremely light and versatile in finishes and for jewelry design. A simple string will get you fantasizing about the first snow.


Hi-Shine Printed Sweater from Visible

Loose knit, high shine, and full-on glittering vibes are your best friends through the festive season!


Be unique with the trends!

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Text: Melissa

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