8 Cities with Magical Flower Tunnels of Love

Can love truly be eternal? Flowers bloom and die, but they always return with hope and light. Love is the flower you've got to let grow, so plan for a springtime escape with your sweetheart to these cities with surreal flower tunnels!


1. Stockholm, Sweden

Flower Crown from Where’s Flower

It is okay if you are at loss for words: the astonishing natural beauty is the language for love!


2. Molyvos, Greece

Purple Bouquet from One Flower

Write your own purple prose as time stands still between the spotted purple sky and ancient stone pavement.


3. Bonn, Germany

Cake Stand and Cover with Rose from Shine Flower

Wander off the beaten path so you can cuddle next to each other while exploring the outside world.


4. Washington D.C., USA

Cat House Vase from 5 Mins

Sometimes, a burst of sunshine is all you need to refresh the relationship!


5. Nafplio, Greece

Dried Daisy Glass Globe Necklace from Rosy Garden

Even the alley is burning with passion, so don’t hold back and don’t be shy!  


6. Brisbane, Australia

Violet Leggings from Favoloso

In this city tunnel, the bustling streets and serene flower cascades are just a veil apart.


7. Positano, Italy

Striped Blue Crow Earrings from Zi Art

To one person, you may be the world. So stand still and make that present moment count.


8. Kitakyushu, Japan

Rip Your Book Notebook from Dasha

Memories together are the seeds of love; the more you have the more they’ll bloom.


Let your love bloom and blossom!

Time to get out of the house!

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