10 Temporary Tattoo Styles to Find Your Inked Tribe

It’s now officially festival season, and you cannot bare skin without showing some temporary tattoos! However, they come in an overwhelming array of styles and colors, so we’ve done the search for you—whether you’re the occultist or the dreamer, these 10 styles will get you covered.


Jewelry Tattoo from Missiu

Once a fad, now a staple. Feel like a Greek maiden in a flowing white dress with these shimmering adornments.



Alchemy Hand Drawn Tattoo from LAZY DUO

Live by the sun, love by the moon! Graphics and symbols are tributes to ancient wisdom, and might well be the origin of tattoos.



Planter Tattoos from D.W.L'S Little Shop

Bottles and jars, plants and planters—tell your story in bits and pieces to those who can come close enough.



Kiss Me Tattoo from Miss Surprise

The low-maintenance glam girl does not scream for spotlight, but is not afraid of it either.  



Rabbit Knights from Paperself

Are you also fascinated by folk tales and fantasy? Let’s carry them into the ordinary world!



Handscript Temporary Tattoo from Cottontail

For some, ink has always been about the text.


Spirit animals

Parrots Tattoo from KidCatss

Whether it’s love for the wildlife or furry friends at home, our longing for the wild makes us a part of earth!



Planetary Tattoos from Cinesina

When the usual color spectrum doesn’t cut it, bring in the cosmic dust and celestial bodies!



Skull Punk Tattoo from Dottinghill

Whatever the genre we wear on our sleeves, music always unites us all.



Vampire Bites Tattoo from Opera Glass

Find peace in dark tales and morbid thoughts, as living is not much more than the Danse Macabre!


Which is your tribe?

Styles like no other

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