Christmas Shopping Done Right! Indie Asian Brands that Ships Under $5

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Hand-embroidered Christmas card

We’re heading into the deep fall, and December will soon follow. The Christmas holiday season is too beautiful to be spent on frantic last-minute gift shopping! That’s why we’ve searched all over Pinkoi for some great items that ship free or discounted to the U.S.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about having your hands free in December by getting Christmas shopping done earlier. Here’s what you can do now to not stress out about Christmas shopping:

  1. Start a list early. Get clear on the price range, priority, and types, so you can plan where to buy, how soon to check it off the list, and how much energy to spend on each.

  2. Shop sales, anniversaries, and discounts. Time is money! By starting early, you have time to seek out the best from multiple sales events.

  3. Shop online and shop quick. When shopping becomes a chore, as it often becomes, it’s not as fun. With online shopping, there’s a satisfaction of completing the “check out” call-to-actions instantly and avoiding traffic jams to the mall.

  4. If you want to DIY instead of shop for everything, start DIY early as part of your fall nesting activities. Whether you’ve been thinking about DIY-ing gift wraps, decorations, or gifts, start now. When the holidays are here, you’re either almost done or have gotten really good at it.

  5. Buy in bulk. For the inevitable gift exchanges—office, neighbors, acquaintances—buy the same thing in bulk or get a set once you found something right. It’s very efficient!

Now, here are some ideas that you can buy online now with free shipping or under $5 shipping.


1. Chopsticks cutlery set and carriers

Do you have several friends who would rather bring their own utensils instead of using disposable ones, and insists reduce is better than recycling? Asia’s lunchbox culture provides plenty of reusable utensils and pretty carriers to choose from.   

Christmas gift personal cutlery set

Utensils Set US$16.43
($3.85 shipping)


Christmas gift personal cutlery set with chopsticks

Roll-Up Cutlery Pouch US$16.38
($3.04 shipping)


2. Asian fashion accessories

Cotton pearl jewelry from Japan:

Japan’s “cotton pearl”—pearls made of cotton—is a classy alternative to genuine pearls and a popular choice in many earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It’s perfect for the young lady or the fashionable office girl.

Pearl hoop earrings on dried leaf

Hoop Earrings US$47.00
(free shipping)


Gold and cotton pearl earrings

Fun Ball Cotton Pearl Earrings US$15.81
($4.92 shipping)


Hand-printed scarf from Thailand:

A scarf is the item to have around for a perfect seasonal transition, especially with a fun print. We've chosen our top animals of the year—cats and foxes—for our idea of fun scarves!

Christmas gift cat scarf from Thailand design

Hand-drawn cat design scarf US$24.01
(free shipping)


Christmas gift fox scarf from Thailand design

Playful fox design scarf US$47.12
(free shipping)


3. Cute animals

For the friends who always welcome more cuteness in life, Asian designs are their heaven. From cats to shibas to corgi to bulldogs, from pins to earrings to keychains and customized pet accessories, there are always tons of cute and kawaii animal designs to squeal at.

Shiba head and butt earrings

Clay Shiba Head & Butt Earrings US$32.09
(free shipping)


Shiba fabric pouches in black, white, teal and red

Runaway Shiba Cosmetic Pouch US$19.25
(free shipping)


More adorable animals this way! Studio Cewemic makes ceramic—sorry, cewemic—baby animal jewelry, dishes and decorations of cuties from meerkats to llamas to red pandas. We wuv it! (free shipping)

Ceramic panda figurine

Rabbit Panda Figurine US$48.76
(free shipping)


Ceramic baby sloth necklace

Baby Sloth Necklace US$46.19
(free shipping)


4. Asian food foodies

Do you have a friend who just can't get enough of sushi or bubble tea? Not that they need more reminding, these sushi and bubble tea items will definitely be one of their favorite gifts this year!

Christmas gift sushi phone case from Japan

Shrimp sushi iPhone case US$34.95
(free shipping)


Embroidery bubble tea pin

Embroidery Bubble Tea Pin US$17.25
($4.14 shipping)


5. Washi tapes and stickers

Of course, for all you stationery lovers out there, here are some washi tapes and planner goodies from independent artists. 

Christmas gift washi tape from Hong Kong

Fly me to the moon washi tape US$7.94
($2.76 shipping)


 Christmas gift washi tape

Christmas washi tape gift box US$20.70
($3.39 shipping)


Gentleman rabbit illustrations and stickers

Set of 6 Washi Tapes Goody Bag US$22.43
($4.14 shipping)


These gift ideas from Asian designers are pretty unique! We hope they’ve got the Christmas planner in you thinking. Follow our first tip, and begin with a list now!

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