Innatant Glass Art: The Craftsmanship of Floating Colors

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Innatant means “floating” in Latin. When light passes through, stained glass gives out fascinating reflections. Influenced by the captivating colors and the Japanese “shokunin” spirit of craftsmanship, glass designer-maker Koren began making interior accessories and commissioned artwork under her own brand, Innatant Glass.


When old becomes new

Japanese people pay high respect to traditional arts and culture while constantly seeking new and innovative designs. Therefore, studying and living in Japan had a profound influence on Koren’s life and artistic pursuits. With great passion in glass art, she experiments with colors and textures, reinterpreting traditional techniques to create her own collection of modern glass designs.


Shokunin, the Japanese craftsman

Japanese “shokunin”, or craftsmen, pursue their chosen artform with dedication and hard work. Japanese artisans devote endless patience and time to refine their skills, and pay attention to the smallest details in search of excellence. Their commitment inspires Koren to pursue glass art with the same dedication. Whether she’s refining her painting skills or exploring new forms, it is to create a unique piece of work with every glass object.


In every design is a journey

Each piece from Innatant Glass is like a journey in art that has begun the moment Koren starts painting a glass. One piece can lead you to the soothing nature with relaxing colors and textured brushstrokes, while another brings you back to childhood dreams with fun, sweet motifs. Or a rush of bold, bright color patterns might bring you back in time to Art Deco and Bauhaus periods.


To Koren, making each piece by hand is a journey in art. Browsing through the collection is also like floating across different times and places. Such is the home decor collection of Innatant Glass, a brand named after the delicate shifting hues that float.


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