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How to Live Among the Stars: 10 Interstellar Designs

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If there’s one thing that captivates all mankind’s imagination, it’s the universe. This grand mystery drives us to search for answers, create stories, movies, technologies and art. Let’s head out to the furthest galaxies with these stellar designs.


Silver Moon Necklace from Studded Heartz


Will we live to see a wormhole in existence? Is there a center to the universe? There are too many mysteries with no answers. Unlike sci-fi movies, it’s a long time before we’ll know the end.


Numb Brooch Set from Aura & Design Workshop

"To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower; hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.” Try seeing the world through the verses of William Blake!


Cosmos Handmade Journal from Hao Huo Lab

A journal is an infinite place where you can pour your troubles into. The more you put down, the more they will grow into something beautiful.


Universe Temporary Tattoo from Miss Surprise

In the world of art, with just a wave of the hand and you can deconstruct the universe to stars and planets, magic and unicorns!


My 10 Carat Diamond Necklace from Aliko Chen Jewelry

If there are memories too pale to remember and scars too heavy to carry, picture them as cosmic dust: shapeless and colorless, but eternally glistening.


Colorful Planet Towel from Yinke

Soak in water as if it’s a gift, and breathe in a new daylight as you wash your face! Remember to dance everyday, like the earth around the sun and moon.


Leaving Earth Scarf Brooch from Lost and Found

What’s the boundary between dreams and reality? Maybe an easier question is, where’s the line between art and science?


When I Grow Up Socks from Razzle Dazzle

One small step for a man is one giant leap for mankind. The world relies on every one of us to take steps that can become a cosmic leap!


Ocean Candle from Bianca Bianca

In order to reach the biggest dreams, we need to have a dream first. So spend time cultivating your dreams (and send them to the universe!)


To Outer Space Sweatshirt from A Merry Heart

Whenever you are feeling lost, just look down and remember you have a place called home—the planet Earth.


Do you feel infinite in the cosmos?

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