8 Fall Decoration Ideas for Your Cozy Home

Fall is for cozying up, but we also love the fall outdoors, especially the chilly autumn breeze contrasting with warm-colored apples, pumpkins and fall foliage! So, we’ve found some ways to bring beautiful autumn harvests and forests back home. With the right colors and shapes, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.


Bring in foliage and fungus decors

Create an autumn forest instantly! 

Maple Leaf Door Stop from QUALY

You might want to own more than one of these maple leaves at your door—indoors, minus the raking chores!


Book of Mushroom from Akihinoki

Unlike real-life mushrooms, storybook mushrooms are always neat and clean, shimmering with the magic of fairy tales.


Put on big areas of warm colors

Use big areas to turn the mood into cozy and nostalgic. 

Florence Song Tapestry from Umade Home

An orange sunset, a faraway memory… turn the curtains or tapestry into an atmospheric orange hue; it would be perfect for your deep night reveries.


Garland of Birds from Ulmari & Uri

Hand-dyed and made with Indian silk, this beautiful flock will make the living room look like an expansive sky!


Make harvests functional

Inedible fruits and veggies? Make them work for your lifestyle! 

Wooden Apple Musical Box from Heart Art Thirteen

These freshly carved apples look freshly picked, freshly bitten, and are ready to sing a tune for a bedtime story.


Pumpkin Diffuser Stone from T-Bone Studio

Produce decors doesn’t have to be cute—the cement texture fits in with any urban interior, and diffuses essential oils without a trace.


Warm up cool surfaces with knits

Cover up those bare floors and tables!

Hand-woven Orange Carpet from Go Young Vintage

Never go to bed without letting your bare toes kiss a thick, furry carpet good night!


Indian Table Linen from VISTA x 51DONATE

Every piece of handmade fabric you invite home is also a piece of memory and landscape the craftsmen wove.


After the decoration is done, it’s time to wrap up in a big scarf, sip on some hot apple cider and enjoy your home’s new look!

Cozy decorations

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Text: Melissa

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