3 Simple Steps for Festive DIY Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas table decoration with creative Christmas tree glass

As the holiday season approaches, Christmas lights light up the street and everywhere there are Christmas trees. The warm Christmas atmosphere make us treasure the time with family and friends, and it is indeed the most happiest time of the year!

In Asia, it certainly is tempting to go out for holiday feasts, but did you know? Setting the Christmas table with Christmas decorations doesn’t have to be stressful. With these 3 approaches, you can set the Christmas table with little effort but still feel the holiday spirit fill your dining room!


1. Putting together a Christmas table centerpiece

Snowman shaped snowglobe glass for Christmas

❄ Materials: Cedar branch, pine cones, candles

Use a planter or a candle as the centerpiece, and add Christmas decorations around it, such as pine cones and shanguilai branches you can get at the flower market. Your dining table will immediately look ready for Christmas! [Edit: shanguilai is the red-berry smilax plant, a local Chinese visual equivalent of holly berries!)


2. Creative napkin folds and placements

Christmas napkin fold for Christmas table decoration

❄ Materials: Napkins or cloth napkins, white plates, twigs

The ideas are endless here. For example, search for napkin folding ideas to create a theme, and pair with plain color plates to make the napkin fold stand out. Repeat and you’ll have the Christmas table set and taken care of!  

Holly berries and napkin Christmas table decoration

❄ Materials: Plates, silverware, holly berries, napkin

The layer of plates and napkin folds gives the Christmas table a festive and welcoming atmosphere that hints for a feast!


3. Matching your drinkware with dinnerware

Christmas tree shaped snowglobe Christmas table decoration

❄ Materials: Champaign, wine glass, candles, shanguilai, noble fir

It’s not a feast without some wine. Turn it into a holiday special with creative drinkware such as snowglobe double walled glasses, and pull the look together with candles and firs.


Santa figurine and red and yellow tea candle for Christmas table decoration

These are the three simple steps that inspire you to make use of small objects and make your dinner and Christmas table ready for holiday celebrations. So make the plans, invite your family over and share the holiday meal together!


Contributor: Red Liuli / Goodglas
Translation: Melissa

Category: Meet the Makers

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