Color of the Week | Tiffany Blue

It reminds you of relaxing times at the beach, and it’s perfect for a romantic wedding reception in the garden—it’s Tiffany Blue, the color that brings everyone happiness dipped in the elegance of Tiffany & Co.!


Headband from Alma Handmade

Is your hair ready for the warm breeze? Treat it to nature-inspired patterns dotted with specks of sunshine yellow!


Hare Candle from eye candle studio

With its furry chest and refreshing basil scent, this Irish hare is ready to spring into action with you!


Coin Purse from Snow Henna Art

The art of henna and power of mandalas comes together on this purse to help you think positively about money!


Macaroon Brooch from Bean It

Macarons and the season’s Pure Pastel Bliss call for your declaration of love.


Raindrop Amazonite Earrings from Dancing Rabbits

Here’s a simple way to slow down: Pour a steaming cup of tea and listen to the warm raindrops pitter-pattering on the soil.


Striped Mint Washi Tape from Qmono

Washi tapes make it so easy to get loose in creativity. Notebooks, mason jars, walls and your next party decorations… everything can be your canvas.


My Little Prince Coloring Card from IGREAN

“To me, you are unique in all the world.” Finish the picture with your own loving thoughts and strokes of colors.


Map Travel Note from Dessin

The ocean raises both fear and excitement for adventures. Are you also itching to travel and wander?


What does Tiffany Blue reminds you of this season?

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