9 Delightful Bunnies to Bring Inside Your Home in Spring

Bunnies are very special. They are cute, but they don’t seem to care. They are fertile and we’ve made them the symbol of spring and new beginnings, but hoomins still need to be reminded to take good care of them. In spring, we think it’s really a time to pay respect to our bunny companions. Here’s how to show bunny love in your home, on your dining table, and on yourself!


🐰 Wear bunnies

Fluffy Bunny Dress from Need a New Needle

From a designer whose bunny loves to play around her neck. Feel fresh and peaceful in this beautiful lilac and pass on the bunny love!


Party Animals Rabbit Necklace from adc

Going to a springtime tea party? Don’t leave without this rabbit illustration Party Animal fabric necklace!


Flower Wreath Bunny Brooch from Meme Forest

It’s spring! Pick flowers, make crafts, tend your garden, and play!


🐰 Have an Easter Feast with Bunnies

Bone China Plate from Ceramic Deco

With bright colors and a mischievous smile, this bunny on a plate will make every morning worth waking up for.


Rabbit Take a Bath Cup from Mad Potter

Do you feel the world is moving too fast sometimes? You’re not alone. Share a bath, we mean, share a cup of tea, with the rabbit who is on your side.


Couple Rabbit Plate from May and Clay

We love this plate painted in folk art style. It’s perfect for a traditional Easter feast—or for any celebration that calls for a nice dress and fancy tea cups.


🐰 Decorate the home with Bunnies

Bunny Ears Jewelry Box from Magenta Home

The saying goes that the clever rabbit has three hiding places. Let’s find out what they’re hiding.


Welcome Bunny from Anta Pottery

With a gold nugget in its paws and graceful presence, the bunny wins us over! Lucky cats and money frogs, give way to the bunny.


Bunny Photography Postcard from Friend Rabbit

From another rabbit society to yours, this postcard collection from Taiwan’s Friend Rabbit society aims to promote rabbit care and awareness.


Keep hopping!

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Text: Melissa

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