12 Designers Contributing to a Better Earth with Design


Earth Day may be just one day, but for designers, making green decisions is a year-round thing. Whether it’s choosing natural dye, creating with recycled materials, or telling stories about nature, their efforts help shape the world we live in. Wonder how they do it? Here are stories from 12 eco-friendly designs!


Persistence: the only way to making a difference 


100% Wool Felt Apple Container from Earthtree

Find everything from clothings, household goods to tea and coffee at Earthtree, one of the first and most longstanding fair trade activists in Taiwan since 2006.


Organic Moon Pads form TWINE

TWINE is Taiwan’s own fair trade design studio, working with natural and recycled materials, collaborating with workers in Nepal, India, and other countries. Your choices make a difference in this world! (Also read the story of Beara Beara: bags designed in London, handmade in Bolivia.)


Hidden Bud Skirt from YOUNGA

While volunteering in Africa, the founder of YOUNGA fell in love with the genuine locals and the colorful fabrics they make. She created YOUNGA to pass on the positive energy and to source work to women across Asia.

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Recycling & upcycling: the past can’t be undone


Pouch from Chick Style Moto

In Taiwan, almost every student, professional and grandma owns a motorcycle. Chick Style Moto gives new life to old seats from broken-down bikes, and answers the sentiment people have for their beat-up buddies!


Walking Shoes from FYE

FYE “For Your Earth” shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles and non-toxic adhesives, making eco fashion more accessible to everyone.


Paper and Bronze Tassel Bracelet from MUSE

It was hard to let go of a copy of Jack London, but rather than letting the vintage pages mold in the humid climate, MUSE turned them into literary jewelry.


Tea Tray from Crop

A couple residing in beautiful eastern Taiwan collects local driftwood and turn them into vases, dishes and tea accessories with their touch of zen.

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The story behind: objects that make you think


Plastic Land Candle from CASE


Most aromatic candles help you relax, but if you’ve also got the world’s problems on your mind, CASE will stay up with you all night.


Taiwan Starling Laptop Case from inBlooom


The Taiwan starling is disappearing in their homeland, Taiwan. That’s why inBlooom is putting it everywhere in their designs: so that we realize the natural world is changing all the time.

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Materials matter: it’s the detail that counts


Tire Purse from ++ek

In the hands of a mechanic, tires and parts from cars and bikes become both the material and creative source of practical lifestyle goods.


Four Dimensional Stars T-shirt from isavara

Designer Isis returned to fashion when she walked upon natural dyes, and began creating clothes and bags with mineral and plant-based dyes, natural cotton, linen, silk and wool.


Green Bud Baby Hat from Rumah Organics


After designer Mamiko returned to Japan and found her second child born with eczema, she decided to start making organic baby clothing that feels safe and comfortable—the way a rumah (“home” in Indonesian) should be.

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Which way of green living resonates with you?

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