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Creative Ways to Enjoy Chinese New Year of the Rooster

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Depending on where you live, Chinese New Year traditions could be very traditional or quite relaxed. For us, we like to see some creativity in the usual set-ups, especially since it’s the year of the rooster: adding chicky elements to hongbaos, decorations and that red outfit can be lots of fun. Here’s how we can get into the celebrations in a playful way!


Give out hongbaos (red envelopes) with no money

Good Luck Red Envelopes from Fun II

Red envelopes filled with money are typically given children and elders in the family, but red envelopes design can be so fun that not using them is missing out on the fun. Insert symbolic quarters or give them out as decorations, games, or actual gift bags.

Lottert Red Envelope | Chicken Red Envelope


Bring out the rooster family

Gift Bag from Fun II

Don’t be shy, get as chicken as you want. It is common to get very literal with the animal zodiac, so from the rooster to the hen to the fluffy chicks, everyone in the rooster family is appropriate for the New Year festivities. Even the eggs! They are part of the family, too.

Chick Brooch | Rooster Brooch


Get a little irreverent with red

Pedro Tee Set from röyksopp gakkai

The bold, passionate red in Chinese New Year’s family gatherings is a safe color that bids luck and good health for all. A ladylike dress or a fine, tailored sweater is your best bet. But if you feel times are a-changin’, wear it with an attitude and raise some eyebrows.

Lion Brooch | Red Sweatshirt


Show your love for money!

Rooster Cash from IGREAN

In case you haven’t noticed, many Chinese New Years greetings are related to money. It’s even a popular time people buy a new coin purse. So definitely say “Gong xi fa tsai” and jokingly ask for money in red envelopes with “hongbao na lai” (“Give me some money!”), and join in on the culturally-approved prayers for wealth and prosperity!

Rooster Brooch | Postcard


Chinese New Year can be a really busy time with lots of etiquettes. We hope this has got you into a more lighthearted, joyful spirit!

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