6 Fashion Inspirations Taken from Romantic Firefly Nights

Source: Kobayashi Kiyochika / Public domain

Glowing fireflies are dashing across the water, illuminating the night with hope and light. We’re lucky enough to have childhood summers dotted with fireflies, and now we’re taking them as fashion inspirations! Capture the magic of firefly lights with accessories that transform a dark and flat outfit into a delightful evening. Come search for the glow!


Source: Moyan Brenn

Firefly Necklace from September Room 

Fireflies flash their tiny lights, the moon pours her loving glow, and together they lift away the darkness. Look! There’s a firefly perching on your dress, giving direction to an endless night.


Source: Slgckgc

Transparent Bubble Earrings from Mikitomioka

The woods bathe in a technicolor dream under the firefly’s yellow and green lights. When light refracts through the glass and sequins, it also creates mystical colors that seems to come out of nowhere! 


Source: Matt MacGillivray

Brass Period Bracelet from Hand In Hand

Few can keep up with these mini shooting stars, but their shimmering trace is enough to inspire artists and poets. Wrap the light around your wrist, like a reminder for your wish upon a star.


Source: FearfulStills

Silver Globe Ring from Auyu Jewelry

Leave the fireflies be in their wild habitat, and we’ll think of them from a distance in a sea of tiny globe lights stemming from a meadow. Bring the light to your finger, and bring the magic of night to the day.


Source: Fitri Agung

Champagne Clutch from Kera Softwear

The firefly’s lively dance is the highlight of nature’s summer program. You can steal the spotlight with elegant champagne-colored clutch, shimmering in a pattern full of rhythm.


Source: Garann

Eyeglass Chain from Art & Fern Eyewear

Photographs are our attempt to reproduce nature’s fleeting mysteries. Now they’ve become an art form of its own! If light is thick enough to wear and keep, let it be a timeless statement piece.


Does romantic firefly nights inspire you too?

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