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Find Style and Freedom with Androgynous Looks

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Sometimes, dressing up is simply about being who you are, and less about being in the men’s or women’s department. An androgynous look might mean playing down your biological gender, like Katharine Hepburn, one of the first women to start wearing trousers, or playing up both feminine and masculine sides like the one and only David Bowie, or simply being ambiguous about it, like Andrej Pejic who went from modelling menswear to womenswear.

What’s the reason to look androgynous? From self identity to technological influences to imaginations for the future, there’s a different story for everyone. Here are a few ways to look at androgynous fashion.


Evolving garments

Just as pants and bowler hats have become acceptable on women, our garments may continue to evolve and settle down in the other gender’s department. Haven’t you seen tunics for guys getting more popular?

Straw Bowler Hat from Obsession By Karen Morris

Zen Cotton Cardigan from BUFU


Self identity 

“Every morning is different—some days I feel androgynous, others I go for a bold look.” Samantha Urbani, one of the faces of Milk Makeup, points out it’s okay to feel somewhat fluid, whether in our gender identity or other identities.

Long Black Coat from C+H

Androgyny T-shirt from Viewfinder

A simple lifestyle 

Perhaps it boils down to a longing for simplicity rather than too many options, as well as values and functions rather than appearance. Innovative and natural materials are both driving a minimalistic (sometimes genderless) look in futuristic fashion, too.

Construct Cashmere Tunic from S,CABONATE

Neoprene Turtleneck from Kimmy Kuo


Aesthetics without boundaries

Lace is for girls, boring clothes are for men—says who? Anyone can use patterns, shapes and colors to create art and speak up! Remember how Kurt Cobain rocked a dress?

Church Window Grilles Top from Erichaolic

Letter Y Shirt from Sevenfold


Find the freedom to explore and express in androgynous looks!

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