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We believe that the main purpose for dressing our pets is hygiene, so we thought, wouldn’t it be great if doggy clothes could be stylish, too?

Designers Geraldine and Zee from Singapore decided that the nine-to-five life isn’t for them anymore. So, they started a brand with their beloved dog, Bacon: Ohpopdog. Together, they make thoughtful, delightful clothes for pets.

As Ohpopdog’s spokesperson, Bacon really knows how to lure people’s heart without trying too hard. Often looking adorable with its tongue out, Bacon’s a natural conversation starter for customers and for Geraldine and Zee. How does Ohpopdog bring happiness to humans and doggies alike? Here’s the story.


Tell us about Ohpopdog.

Ohpopdog is all about simplicity and thoughtfulness.

Observing and adapting to the trends is an essential skill for most designers. But for Ohpopdog, “Less is more” is always at the heart of our designs. Style is not a result of flashy clothes, but of comfort and confidence. Since it is so hot and humid in Singapore, we think the most important thing about pet clothes is whether or not they are breathable and comfortable for doggies to wear.


Where do you get your inspirations from?

We look for inspirations both locally and internationally. We want to be unique, and we get a lot of ideas for pet clothing from the city life and from nature. Then we would decide upon a theme, and start doing in-depth research. Often we don’t get to sleep much in this process, but we also get a lot of fulfillment from it.


How do you deal with creative blocks?

For any creative, rest is an essential part of the process.

Our best ideas don’t come when we are working under stress. They come from our free time hanging out with Bacon, enjoying the present and exploring local happenings. We get a lot more ideas when we are relaxed.

▲ Brand ambassador Bacon in its downtime.


What is your favorite piece of work?

There’s a story behind every piece of our work. If we have to choose one favorite, it would be our first collection: Salty Summer. It was when we first started the brand and was so full of passion. Although our reward came as tons of challenges, the collection always reminded us of why we started the brand and why we were so committed.


What do you love about design?

With design, you start with a concept, but you finish at an entirely different product. We can’t predict how a product or collection will turn out; sometimes a small change bring us to a new style or collection that we haven’t thought of.

If you can’t find it, design it.—Massimo Vignelli


Please offer some words of wisdom to up-and-coming designers.

Do what you love, and love what you do. Always remind yourself what brought you here in the first place.


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