From the Editors: How We’re Bringing Hygge into Spring

As greenery starts sprouting, we plan to keep on practicing the Danish art of hygge and get cozy with ourselves in spring. Hygge is an attitude, a skill of finding happiness, contentment and intimacy with the people and things around us. From redecorating your home to learning what simple living means for yourself, how and where we find it is different for everyone. This is why the Pinkoi editors want to share with you how each of the us finds hygge in life!


Litta says:

The easiest way for me to find happiness in life is to live in the present: enjoy the breeze of the wind, the greens of the trees, the warmth of the sun. The realization that I am able to breathe and capture the world’s beauty with my eyes make me cherish the present even more, and that is how I practice hygge!


Melissa says:

One way I learned to discover hygge is to stop what I’m doing and ask myself, what if I’m transported to another time and place right now? I wouldn’t be able to see the same city or same spring again! Then I’d take a deep breath, close my eyes and open them again—everything will become more special and beautiful, even if I was just on my routine route to work.


Pegi says:

Good food can always fill me up with happiness in a moment’s time. My way of practicing hygge in spring will be to go on many picnics in the warm weather!


Kat says:

My hygge moment of true happiness is going on a road trip with my dog in spring to mountains we have never been.


Nicholas says:

If I could afford the luxury of time, I’d love to spent it on reading. Reading is a private moment when I could step away from reality and dive into intimacy with myself. To be able to start a conversation through literature is the key to finding my inner hygge.


What is your way of practicing hygge and discovering happiness?

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