Master Your Chores Like a Disney Princess

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Most of us wish we can live without doing house chores, but even Disney Princesses have to deal with them. The difference is that when a princess cleans the house, does laundry and washes dishes, she also sings and dances. Basically, enjoying every minute of her life! Here are a few lessons from the princesses to master chores and love your life!


Live Less like Elsa

Squeegee from TZULAï

Have you read the 5 mind tricks to declutter your life? Living with less clothes and furniture not only reduces chores, but also frees up your mind for more creativity.


Use help like Snow White

Hand Soap from Chatzutang

When a princess does chores, she has animal helpers because they share the beautiful home together. Enlist your family or roommates to do it together and share a nice dinner afterwards as a team!


Own your business like Tiana

Index Card Calendar from 23.5 N

Being your own boss makes you realize there’s no escaping chores and routines. In fact, your dreams won’t come true if you don’t embrace chores—they are just tiny hurdles to overcome!


Think Natural like Pocahontas

Natural Loofah and Soap from Shuguah

Cleaning and organizing do the world a lot of good. When you care about health, wellbeing and even safety, they also help the nature and your community. Be proud of yourself!


Be Efficient like Rapunzel

Clay Village from BJ Art Village

Even with a lot of time in her tower, Rapunzel can do an incredible amount of washing, scrubbing, painting and sewing. Do you have a process you can continuously improve on?


Perhaps royalty is only a mindset!

Own your life

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