10 Romantic Summer Dresses for Every Special Occasion

Most girls dream of gliding across the floor in a fairytale dress at some point in their lives. It could be the prom, the wedding, a night at a gala, or any made-up occasion that exists only in imagination. In fact, daydreaming is a good exercise to see yourself dressed up beautifully; otherwise how would you know where to start when the time comes to pick your important dress?

From daytime to evening occasions, from chic to dreamy, here are our 10 picks to pique your fancy.


Hera Pleated Gown from Kimmy KUO

Mushrooms are popping out of the soil, the woodland princess is joining the fairy ball.


Soft Gold Dress from JL Jocelin

A strong woman shines not because of her jewels, but because of her confidence and poise!


Star Yellow Dress from Yuwen

Do you believe fairies also exist in the cities? Create your tunes along the sidewalk and perhaps they will come to you.


Flared Collar Dress from beListened

dress full of surprises can only be matched by a free spirit!


Jasmine Dress from favoloso

In flowing sleeves and lavish prints, discover a secret garden where jasmine bloom and butterflies flutter.


Ultramarine Milky Way Dress from Anne Chen

Some say we are all connected to the universe, so instead of reaching up for the stars, find your little light within and let it shine!


Chiffon Lace Dress from Dr. Mark

Take in each breeze as if you’ve got all the time in the world, and watch time go by slower this summer.


Ruffle Top with Tattoo Print from GELÉE

With colored tattoos around an illusion neckline and ruffled flares where least expected, it’s clear that conforming to the norms is not your thing.


Eclipse Dress from moi non plus

On a night of lunar eclipse, let the subconscious dominate with dreams and poetry. Make art— no need to make sense!


Black Evening Dress from Kan’s

Don your finest pearls, lace evening gown and classy opera gloves, and let the orchestra lure you into a midsummer night’s dream.


How would you grace a special occasion with your dazzling presence?

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