Ideal Bookshelf has Your Favorite Novels as Enamel Pins

Imagine a world where fashion is literary:

What should I wear today? Hmm, today I’m feeling a bit A Wrinkle in Time; a bit Meg-nerdish for science labs. Actually, I’m not feeling that excited… maybe a black robe is better; hope I’ll bump into Tom Riddle after school.  

With these novel-inspired enamel pins, bookish OOTD is now possible! From Charlotte’s Web to Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter, your favorite assigned readings have become badges you can proudly wear.

Jane Mount has a creative way of paying tribute to the classics that shaped our childhoods and who we are. She recreated the characters as miniature book covers, turn them into enamel pins, and created Ideal Bookshelf—one that’s filled with stories and memories of our youth.

What are the classic novels you couldn’t have lived without?

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Text: Melissa
Edit: Litta
Source: Ideal Bookshelf

Category: Get Inspired

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