How to Start Using Herbs and Oils for Aromatherapy

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Our ancestors have been aromatherapy experts, and now the forgotten art of scents is making a comeback! Many skincare and cleaning products infused with herbs and essential oils are now available to us. We find it a little overwhelming in the beginning, but there’s no harm in taking it slow. Just think about the benefits you’re looking for, and you’ll find something that fits into your lifestyle.


1. Minimum-effort pleasures: Candles

Soy Wax Lotus Candle from Garden No. 5

Lighting up a candle can immediately take you to a tranquil lotus pond far out in nature! With a relaxing scent, aromatherapy candles are the easiest, most guilt-free reward you can give yourself after a long day. To enjoy life’s simple pleasures, opening up your senses is the key.


2. To smell pretty and nice: Perfumes

Taiwan Cypress Oil from Kaoho Handcrafts

If you want to add a layer of sense to your appearance, try natural perfumes. They are fun and pretty, they make you feel good and carry benefits from essential oils without the harm of sweet-smelling chemicals. Be more focused with eucalyptus scent or soften up with rose.


3. Gentle and effective body care: Body wash

Hydrating Rose Soap from TW Soap

Instead of creating new habits, incorporate aromatherapy to your existing body-cleansing ritual with a soap or body wash. Next time you take a shower, breathe in the essential oils as if you’re lathering the benefits from a mountain retreat. If you’re going to do it everyday, make showers your reward for the day.


4. Spa at home: Scrubs

Foot Scrub from Anouk

Ready to advance your body rituals at the comfort of your home? First, you need to slow down and find out what your body needs. From dry ankles to tense muscles, there are many problems aromatherapy can help with. For example, a nice foot soak will rescue your feet from the winter dryness, prep them for summer activities, and even improve your metabolism.


5. Chemical-free household: Soap & detergent

Tea Seed Dish Soap from Chatzutang

If pampering yourself sounds too lavish, why not take care of the house instead? Without excessive scents and packaging, they bring your focus to chemical-free and effective solutions for laundry, leather, dishes, and all kinds of mess in your cozy home.


6. Connecting to spirituality: Incenses

Palo Santo Sticks from Hi Kidult

All these good smells and natural benefits might bring you to a higher state of wellbeing! In ancient cultures, scents are a part of spiritual practices. For example, for over a thousand years, Native Americans have used palo santo in shamanic rituals, cleansing the energy around people, objects and surroundings.


7. Sensual ritual DIY: Essential oils

Lavender Essential Oil from Bonbonmisha

For the crafty artists out there, you might want to take matter into your own hands and make your unique aromatherapy blends. A few drops of essential oils in the moisturizer can soften your skin, another few in the bath can bring you a good night’s sleep, and another dab or two can soothe headaches and bug bites. Don’t forget the base oil for skin care oils, or beeswax for customized moisturizer and ointments.


Which aromatherapy ritual will you pick up?

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