In Love with Me! Find the Swimsuit that's Perfect for your Body Type

Styles are exciting to look at, but when it comes down to making the purchase, you want a swimsuit that you’ll feel confident in. That’s why you need a style that compliments your body!

Therefore, besides recommending the popular swimwear brands, we’ve also found a few swimwear designs for your body type so that you can shop for not only fashion but also comfort and confidence.


1. To balance out your big bottom

Ugh, me and my big butt!

★ Choose a swimsuit this way

  • Skirted swimsuits can balance a slim torso and a heavy butt. About a third of your thigh is a good length.

  • Avoid swimsuit shorts or stripes—they’ll make your bottom more obvious!

  • Consider a deep-v swimsuit that’ll bring the focus to your upper torso.

“Donut” Collection | “Hot Summer”.
Deep-v swimsuits shifts your attention upwards and away from your bottom torso.


Wimbledon Skirt One Piece. A mini skirt cuts out your curves and makes your bottom seems smaller.


Ayu Two-piece. An eye-catching top move the gaze upwards as well. Try showing off your shoulders or use bright colors to balance a bigger bottom.


2. To salvage your small chest

I love my body, but how I wish I had some more. :’(

★ Choose a swimsuit this way

  • It’s true—ruffles, bows and colorful prints create the illusion of a fuller chest.

  • A classic bikini will create more curves visually, as will bold prints.

  • Bandeaus works beautifully on you—it’s a style that big-chest girls have to miss out on so give it a try!

Sexy Back Set; Capsule Rolling Toy.
Small chest, don’t care. Show your confidence with a stylish bandeau.


Dream Catcher Bikini. Bikinis make your body look curvy—especially with bold patterns!


Yum Dork One-piece; Crossback Collection.
Instead of focusing on the front, the popular low-back and dropped-armhole cut is the sexy style everyone is going for this summer.


3. To support you curvy girls

They say I’m lucky, but let’s just be realistic here.

★ Choose a swimsuit this way

  • You want support, you get support: think underwires, halters and wide straps.

  • Most Asian swimwear comes with removable pads, so you don’t need to worry.

  • A higher back design helps support your bosom.

  • Search for swimsuits in measurements similar to your bra.

Velvet Crescent Moon; Blanca Cut-out Two-piece.
A higher back provides better support.


Ingle Side Straps One-piece. Underwires, halter and tie-neck tops have good support even if you want to bare your back.


4. To create more curves when you don’t have much

I am too thin/too boxy/athletic! At least let me look feminine on the beach.

★ Choose a swimsuit this way

  • Generally, revealing swimsuits gives the illusion of more curves. *wink*

  • Ruffles, bold prints and embellishments will make you look feminine, whether on tops or bottoms.

  • Bikinis in solid prints, one-piece swimsuits with unique prints and creative cuts can all create a curvy silhouette.

▲ Anne Ruffle One-piece; Little Garden Swimsuit.
Ruffles and drapes can unexpectedly create curves and feminine shapes.


Maya One-piece Rash Guard. A visually interesting mix of prints, shapes and cutouts is like contouring for your body.


▲ Anne Two-tone Swimsuit. We’re loving the teardrop cutout here that accentuates an attractive waistline from any angle.


5. To hide your muffin top

I can bear some things, but love handles are unbearable at the beach.

★ Choose a swimsuit this way

  • A top and a bottom in contrasting colors creates a sharp line that breaks off the curve of your belly.

  • Remember ruffles? Some drapes and folds around your belly also does the trick.

  • Bold details at the waist can make you look very slim!

  • One-piece swimsuits and a high-waist vintage swimsuit will tuck in your tummy for sure!

Au Debut One-piece; Yellow/Navy Tear Diamond.
Contrasting colors with a bright pop of color on the top will make people forget your muffin top!

Center Ruched Polka Dot Swimsuit. Ruffles and folds conceals the extra meat you’re so self-conscious about.


Suzy One-piece. One-piece swimsuits with creatively placed cutouts and ruffles will break up the bulge you think is there.


With the perfect swimsuit for your body, you’ll enjoy every beach activity whether it’s chilling and daydreaming or partying and making a splash. Make sure to find your favorite suit and get ready to have all the fun you want!


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