Color of the Week | Luminous Aqua

Between hitting the beach and hiding in the mountains, wearing cool icy colors and crystal clear textures help us stay chill all summer long. Bright aqua creates images of splashing waves and rippling streams, making the blazing sun easier to bear. Won’t you take a dip with us?


Iceberg Print Top from iohll

The detailed print seems to send chills from faraway icebergs and glaciers, we feel we’re deep within Antarctica already!


Gold Leaf Glass from Glass Studio Nanohoshi

Do you take your healthy 3 liters of water everyday? Sunlight reflecting off the aqua rim will add magic to the fountain of youth!


Resort Shirt from Blue Waters

Put on your best smile and give bright colors a try! We’re at the beach, and we’re on vacation!


Body Scrub from animus

Dive into a whirlpool of refreshing rosemary and healing geranium—and come back up renewed and relaxed!


Bib Gift Set from Shuan

All is peaceful, all is well. Welcome the newborn to its first summer with a soft triangle scarf and a jingling bunny rattle!


Necklace from m. Glass Works

The peaceful gradient from blue to lavender reminds us of an old Chinese saying: a calm heart can keep you cool. Ah, zen.


Under the sunshine, a dash of color is all it takes!

Let’s get your summer outfit going!

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