Color of the Week | Sunset at the Beach

Summer sunsets are happy ones! Instead of leaving us wistful for a longer day, sunset at the beach is a destination that extends daytime chill into evening fun. Set your beach essentials on fire with these shades of sunset!


Embroidered Bucket Hat from Pani

Sunbathing and tanning all day long—they make my skin feel alive!


Sea Sunset Earrings from SUMMER

This is the minimalist way to preserve the magical moment of dusk into moonlight.


Summer Dress from Anne Chen

Summer is for those who dares compete for attention with the dazzling sun.


Shoulder Bag from Blahblahblah  

Checklist: sunscreen, water bottle, nail polish, waterproof pouch, towel, a good book, and a big bag to fit it all in.


Toddler Hat from Rumah Organics

Watch out for sunburned cheeks, but don’t hold back on colors for the baby! It’ll make great photos!


Good Feeling Bracelet from Hand In Hand

With power-boosting aventurine, opal and agate, good things are sure to happen this summer!


Icicle Necklace from Special Design

Embrace the natural tides that come and go, but never loose your sparkle!


As the sun sets, finish up your cocktail, cover up with a breezy dress, and enjoy the next party—the summer night!

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Text: Melissa
Edit: Kat

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