10 Hottest Plants and Botanical Designs You’ll Want in Your Home

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Source: Villa Styling

You’re seeing them everywhere! From fashion photography to colonial chic interiors, big glossy leaves and tall swaying plants are stealing the spotlight. Even our Pinkoi colleague Zoe used fan palms and monstera deliciosa generously as key accents in her outdoors wedding! Why are botanicals so popular in designs and decors? Just look at all these ways they’ve found their way into the coolest designs!


Shown: Metallic Dangle Earrings

The swiss cheese plant is everyone’s favorite now! We love this photography styling contrasting the lush texture against delicate jewelry.


Shown: Monstera Office Decor Set

With their iconic shape and texture, the leaves of swiss cheese plant (or monstera deliciosa) work beautifully as patterned print!


Shown: Mens Shorts

Tropical foliage and more monstera in menswear? Now that’s a bold expression of fatherly love!


Shown: Ferns Washi Tape

From tattoos to jewelry to washi tapes, ferns have become associated with “details that matter.” They might be small, but they can immediately transport you to a forest filled with stories.


Shown: Botanicals Calendar

Women in botany are amazing. In Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things,” moss is the spotlight of 19th century explorer’s romance, but right now ferns have made it onto drawing papers and numerous beautiful stationery.


Shown: Banana Leaves Shoulder Bag

Nothing says “vacation” better than banana leaves on a roomy tote. Off to the white sandy beach we go!


Shown: Banana Leaf Frenzy Ceramic Coaster

Prints on a coaster is more than meets the eye! Pour yourself a glass of white wine, place it on the coaster, and watch the leaves sway under your delicious nectar.


Shown: Banana Leaf Socks

Banana trees are everywhere in Thailand, and banana leaves are also prominent in Thai cuisine. These socks designed and handmade in Thailand shows they also have a special place in the designer’s heart!


Shown: Suzhou Washi Tape

This washi tape design is also in lines of the watercolor style, but depicts the wintertime banana leaves in a snowy northern town in China found within literature; a completely different sentiment.


Shown: Banana Leaves Wall Mounted Painting

Silhouettes! Although enhanced with metal engraving technology, the thick lines of woodblock print and dropped shadows are timeless whether mounted in a tropical villa or in the heart of a city.


And of course, you can always visit the local nursery and invite the greenery in. Jump in and enjoy the leafy trend!

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