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Top 10 Items the World is Buying from Japan, China and More

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Baby Kimono from Malaysia

If you already keep an eye on Thai fashion and Japanese snacks, you’ll probably want to know what other design products are trending in Asia. Is it organic baby’s clothing, handmade bags, or traditional chic clothing people are falling for? Here's what we found what most people bought from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, China and Malaysia last year. Let’s find out!  


Earrings from Japan

Harapecora | Tassel de Sica

Minimalistic or colorful, elegant or playful? Get them all! From comics to flower petals, from fabric to cotton pearl, the creative designs from Japan will keep surprising you.


Necklaces from Japan

Cloud Jewelry | NAoT Jewelry

These necklaces satisfy strict attention to details and play to very niche styles. Realistic dewy necklace and cleavage peek-a-boo necklace are just a few alternatives to the classy classics.


Stationery from Taiwan


Qmono | La Dolce Vita

From washi tapes to stickers, everything you need for journaling and scrapbooking can be found from Taiwanese designers passionate about stationery.


Shoulder bags from Taiwan


Bagcom | Chenfu Illustrations

With a tradition of apparel industry and a popular lifestyle of laid-back day trips, these bags has everything covered from design details to sturdy stitchwork to creative illustrations.


Bags from Thailand


White Oak Factory | Katji

We love the simple, stylish bags not only for the wanderlust factor, but also for the appreciation of local material sources, as well as designs that easily transition between urban and outdoors.


Dresses from Thailand


Papers | Need a New Needle

From modestly sexy swimwear and activewear to effortlessly feminine clothing, Thai fashion is a breath of fresh air for women who want to keep it simple.


✧ Pants from China


Bufu | MCHA

Pants? The ancient Chinese has done it all, from tie-ankle trousers to wide-legged culottes. Today’s designers are left with lots of inspirations for what you’d consider a plain pair of pants.


Dresses from China


Subaiyiran | Vitatha

Whether casual or high-end, original Chinese fashion makes strong statements with well-defined styles—vintage, zen, modern, rambunctious—take a look; they’ll light up the fashionista in you.


Backpacks from Malaysia


Christy Studio | Harns

With functional packs that cover people’s day-to-day needs, Malaysia's own brands like Christy Studio and HARNS have earned themselves top reviews all over the web.


Kid’s clothing from Malaysia


Haha No Yume | Loulou

Can you spot the Japanese and French elements in these adorable kid’s clothing made in Malaysia? The colorful fabrics and cultural influences create a heaven for moms and aunties who love to dress-up their babies.


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