10+ Purrfect Gifts for Cat Lovers for Every Occasion!

Cat collar

Cat collar made by Michu Pet Collars

There are so many occasions to celebrate for in the coming months. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas, there’s always that special someone to throw a party for. If your special someone happens to be a cat lover (or it could be you, we’re cool with buying gifts for yourself, too!), then we’ve got the perfect gift list for you!

Check out these 10+ gift ideas for every person with a cat soul.


1. Cat Embroidery Shirt

Cat embroidery shirt

What better way to show the love for cats than to wear them? Hand embroidered by Need a New Needle, the cutie cats are a subtle touch for a big cat lover!


2. Cat Baseball Cap

Gray baseball cap with embroidered cat

Gray caps are perfect for fall/winter, but most importantly, look at that cat yawn!


3. Cat Socks

Socks with ginger cat prints

Put on your favorite ankle boots or sneakers and let the ginger kitties peak out!


4. Cat Phone Case

Navy blue phone case with cat print

It may look like nothing on the outside, but once you open it, you’ll find an adorable cat purring for your attention.


5. Cat Paw Notebook Cover

Notebook cover with a cat paw closing

The soft paws are just one of the things cat lovers are obsessed with!


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6. Cat Sleep Mask

Sleep mask or eye mask with cat prints

Hope you dream of cats tonight~


7. Cat Ring Holder & Plant Pot

Beautiful cat ring holders and plant pots made by Anco give a warm touch in the everyday life.


8. Tabby Cats in Ceramics

Ceramic tabby cats home decorations and ornaments

You can also decorate your home by putting a ceramic tabby cat anywhere!


9. Cat Pins & Charms

Being a proud cat mama is one of the best feelings. So wear a cat pin to show your love!


10. Cat Makeup Bag

Cat makeup bag and toiletry bag

Personally, we think putting cat mints inside this cat pouch is the best gift ever.


Have you found the purrfect gift yet? 

Cat Lovers Galore!

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