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What to Write in Mother’s Day Card? 8 Unique Cards to Help You Out

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Home is wherever Mom is.” “I might not say the words, but I love you loads.” On Mother’s Day, be sure to let Mother know how much you love her. Too often we let every day pass by without appreciating her, thanking her, or caring for her needs. This is the time to write a card and tell her every loving thought she deserves to hear. The designers are in for it too—here are 8 Mother’s Day cards that help you deliver the right message.


1. Happy Mother’s Day.

From Silly Cilly

With a wooden stand for display, this simple and direct message along with your own handwritten words will stay in Mom’s heart all year long.


2. Mom Makes Life Beautiful.

From Letter Word Shop

Just like Letter Word Shop, we have sweet memories of Mom taking us to places, seeing the world. Mother makes us who we are today.


3. Queen.

From Toast/OmelettE

She’s gentle and kind, and she’s also fierce and strong… Mom is the queen of everything!


4. You’ve got that special something…

From Hallmark Cards

Hey Mom, there’s one thing in life you should really be proud of. This humorous Mother’s Day card will bring a smile, a laugh, and maybe a tear to her face.


5. Thanks Mom, with Love

From Kappado

“Thanks Mom” carries so many sentiments that speaking it in words seem too lighthearted. Here, letterpress printed with old-school yet playful illustrations, it captures the the weight of our gratefulness to Mom.


6. 🌹 

From Scrumptious Pale Bird

For the mother who prefers images to words, this carnation postcard just might fit right into her office or living room decor.


7. Mom, I Miss You!

From Thirteen Nine

In the first three years away from home, our phone calls end with “Love you Mom, bye!” As time goes on, life gets hard, and we realize what a superwoman Mom is. Now it becomes “I love you Mom. I miss you.”


8. “Your message here.”

From Share Artually

Do you and your mom share a special line—a special greeting just between you? Put it in the captions with Share Artually’s customized watercolor calligraphy card.


What is it that you want to tell your mom?

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