How to Get Magical Unicorn Powers: 11 Things a Unicorn's Gotta Do

Pink and Gold Sparkling Unicorn Temporary Tattoos

It’s never too late to fill your life with magical unicorn powers! Practice makes perfect. Peek into the secret life of the unicorns and see where they get all their magical powers from. You’ll learn to become magical yourself!


Read books. Read the world!

Pink and blue unicorn bookmark peeking out of a bookShown: Unicorn Bookmark

Magical power:
View from above. 


Dream big dreams and daydream too!

Illustration cosmic unicorn notebook coverShown: Unicorn Notebook

Magical power:
Inner sight.


Shine and reflect the light.

Golden finish vintage style unicorn brooch
Shown: Unicorn Brooch

Magical power:
Turns everything into gold. 


Eat food in rainbow colors.

Rainbow corns
Shown: Rainbow Corns

Magical power:
Rainbow poop.


Drink lots of water.

Sculpted Marble Unicorn Drinking Water Ring Dish
Shown: Unicorn Catchall Dish

Magical power:
Everlasting beauty.


Recharge your magic powers regularly.

Iridescent Resin Pyramid Decor
Shown: Iridescent Tower

Magical power:
Eternal youth.


Let out your inner light.

A Lovely Little Company Unicorn Night Light
Shown: Unicorn Light

Magical power:
Lighting up the world.


Surrender to the flow.

Rainbow Color Hair Unicorn Felt Brooch
Shown: Felt Unicorn Brooch

Magical power:
You’ll have great hair.


Don’t be afraid to be different or weird.

Frightened Eyes Bulging Purple Fur Unicorn Phone Case
Shown: Unicorn Phone Case

Magical power:
Empower other unicorns.


Believe in true love.

Two Rainbow Color Hair Unicorn Brooches
Shown: Unicorn Brooch

Magical power:
Finding true love.


Keep running and don’t lose faith!

Pink Fluffy Heated Unicorn Slippers Worn on Feet
Shown: Unicorn Heated Slippers

Magical power:
One day you will fly!


We don’t have the lifetime of a unicorn, but we can gain some of their magical powers too!  


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