Meow, Purr, Chirp, Yowl! 7 Cat Noises You Should Know What They Mean!

When you’re graced by the presence of a cat you want to do anything to please it. That means whenever they make their cat sounds and noises, you want to pick it up and do what they’re asking for immediately!

Understanding cat sounds is not only essential for taking good care of cats—it’s for your own well-being. Understand the language of cat noises and your heart will open and melt into happiness.


Cat goes:


Mommy, I want food, I want touch, I want to pee, I want washing up. I’m here! Meeeoww~

Cat meow is mainly not for talking to other cats. Kittens are born meowing only to get attention from their mother and now meow at you for the same reason! Aww kitty~mama’s here!



Purr purr. Yes, do more of that. Hmm a dog is coming tomorrow? Whatevs what’s a dog anyway. Keep scratching my chin. Yeah there.

Purring is the most heavenly cat sound and an ultimate approval from a cat! Her pride is finally down, and it’s the ok pass to touch, cuddle, rub and sweet talk. Make sure that she’s not purring out of discomfort though—sometimes purring is a self-soothing sound to ease themselves from discomfort.



What are you doing here?! It’s over between us. Don’t let me see you in my hood anymore.

Yowling is more of a cat-to-cat communication to show they’re ready to mate or to communicate their territory. If the yowling keeps on going, watch out for her health condition!



Back off! You, cat. You, dog. You too, human. I don’t owe you any explanation!

Hissing is an obvious sign that a cat (or a person!) is pissed in some way. Quite a heartbreaking cat sound if you were trying to bond. Remove threats or annoyants and give that cat its peace. If a cat is unhappy, so are we. Don’t let it turn into growls and attacks.



Do. Not. Mess. With. Me and my spot and my closet and my secret cosplay hour and my obvious wish for you to disappear.”

That long, snarling growling sound. Cats could growl because of anger and threat or because of fear. Take care of his fears (tell him it’s okay for cats to cosplay), or be patient and leave him alone!


Chatter, chirp

Bird. Oh bird, we could be having so much fun together. I’d do this to you and then that. Yeah… Why am I locked up in here?!

Cats chatter and chirp in this familiar scenario: Sitting at the window, looking at birds, being that excited (sometimes frustrated) hunter that they are—and making mocking chirping sounds of their prey!


Chirrrrup and trill

Mother cat: “Follow me, darlings! Look here!”

Chirrups sounds like a cross between a meow and a purr. Mother cats would chirrup for kittens to follow her, and your pet cat may be indicating you to follow him to fill up his food bowl, or trilling as a greeting.


Now that you can identify different cat noises and ways to respond to their sounds, your relationship with the cat clan is sure to reach the next level! Be ready when that cat love starts purrring in!

Meow! Look here!

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Text: Melissa

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