Color of the Week | Peach & Coral

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Another wedding favorite, peach and coral tones have our attention! Juicy and a little flirty, they describe love and happiness perfectly well—with plenty of room for lighthearted fun. Hop into some ruffles, go bold with the nails, or brighten up your tech accessories with this color!



Asymmetrical Drape Top from NOVI

Put your playful personality on display with saturated coral, complete with a sassy irregular cut!



Silk Scoop Back Tunic from Kimmy Kuo

The best way to enjoy Sunday: lazy hair, lazy morning, a flowing top and a sweet kiss from the breeze.



Contrast iPhone Case from Evoncase

Cappuccino, peaches and cream! The backcover of your phone can be a convenient pick-me-up. (Or do you prefer a tactile grassy case instead?) 



Coral Beads Necklace from Joyce Wu

Let’s not forget the actual coral. The gemstone is a natural delight, especially when paired with gold



Soap Dish from San-He Tile Kiln

The brick-material naturally absorbs excess moisture, keeping your soap corner airy and bright! 


Leather lux

Leather Labels from Dessin

Professional can be cheerful too! Let these coral leather labels highlight just the high points of your week.



Carnation Pillow from PillowHug/FunPrint 

Make Mom feel young all year long with this huggable carnation bouquet. (As my mom would probably say, “Come on, this is for the millennials.”


It just so happens that the peach season is coming, according to our local farmer’s market.  Mmm—open up your senses and feel gorgeous in peach!

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