Stationery Lovers will Love Unwrapping these Gift Sets for Christmas!

Stationery may be a tricky category to gift: they are inexpensive, paper thin, and a little too easy to buy and use up, so they are often considered commodities rather than presents. Well, that’s not the case anymore!

Stationery is special for those who love it (just count the numbers of brand-new journals we’ve collected on the bookshelf). Here, we have a good number of stationery gifts that are packed with variety, functionality, and artwork—not to mention free gift-wrapping! So yes, with the right combination, stationery makes an impressive gift!

If you know someone who loves paper and stamps more than gadgets and jewelry, look no further—their gift is here!


If they love variety packs…

1. Hello Studio’s Fox and Polar Bear Variety Pack

The fox stickers in this Hello Studio set is printed on washi paper, and the matte finish fits right in on a journal page. So fun and relaxing to decorate with!

Fox washi sticker, pouch, card and candy set

Set includes: 1 pack of fox candy, 1 Christmas card, 1 fox washi sticker sheet, 1 canvas pouch.
Packaging: inquire designer

Fox matte washi stickers


2. Paulina Paulinum Variety Pack II

This value pack is filled with Paulina Paulinum’s feel-good illustrations in planet theme.  

Paulina Paulinum Planet Variety Pack II

Set includes: Phone case x1 + earrings x1 + paper tape x1 + temporary tattoos + postcard + planet sticker pack x1 + static cling sticker x1
Theme: Planets
Packaging: gift-ready space theme packaging (or inquire designer)
See also: Garden Postcard 13-Pack

Paulina Paulinum planet stationery set and garden postcard set


3. Cat Slave Variety Pack

Everything about cats you can think of is in this 11-piece cat stationery variety pack with a focus on stickers. Every sheet and every postcard is in different designs.

Illustration cat die cut stickers and sticker sheets gift box

Theme: Cats!
Set includes: 1 notebook, 2 postcards, 4 sticker sheets, 2 uncut sticker sheets, 2 washi tapes
Packaging: gift-ready packaging


4. Yohand Stationery Variety Pack Set B

Out of the three  Yohand holiday sets, we love the cute idea of including socks in a stationery pack in Set B!

Yohand Girl illustration postcards, socks, stickers holiday gift set

Set includes: 2 postcards, 1 brooch, 1 large die cut sticker, 1 sticker pack, 2 pair of socks
Packaging: holiday gift-ready theme packaging
See also: Yohand Girl Washi Tape 5-Pack

Yohand Girl gift packaging and washi tape set


5. Lonely Planet Table Calendar & Washi Tape Pack

Choose from one of three Lonely Planet's washi tape themes—cityscapes, alien plants, and mixed prints—to go with their 2018 table calendar.

Lonely Planet 2018 Table calendar and washi tapes

Set includes: 3 washi tapes, 1 table calendar.
Packaging: holiday gift wrapping
See also: Calendar and Postcards Set

Lonely Planet stationery gift packaging and postcard set


If they love specific stationery...

6. La Dolce Vita Stationery Lovers Stickers 30-Pack

Drawing inspirations from the guests at La Dolce Vita’s stationery shop in Changhua, Taiwan, La Dolce Vita offers this satisfying tin of 30 girl stickers.

La Dolce Vita Stationery Lovers Stickers 30 Pack

Set includes: 30 girl stickers
Packaging: Beautiful branded tin for you to wrap
See also: Go all out with the 140 piece set!

La Dolce Vita illustration tin and 140 sticker set


7. Meow Meow Star Sticker Pack

In this set from Meow Meow Star, you’ll find 12 different themes of girl stickers, from head-to-toe styles like kimono and daydreaming to portrait themes like garden florals and coffee shop.  

Meow Meow Star red-headed girls sticker set

Set includes: 12 die cut sticker sets (total of 107 pieces)
Packaging: gift-ready packaging
See also: Animal Variety Pack

Meow Meow Star packaging and cute animals stationery set


8. Hoppy Washi Tape 4-Pack

You’ll find 4 rolls of popular wide 3.8mm garden theme Hoppy washi tape in this beautifully packaged gift box!

4 Boxes of Hoppy Washi Tape Set

Set includes: 4 packaged washi tapes
Packaging: beautiful branded box for you to wrap

Hoppy garden theme washi tape gift box


If they love functionality…

9. B’nottee’s 2018 Stickers and Quarterly Planner Set

B'nottee's undated 2018 planner is a set of four quarterly planners, so you’ll only have to carry 3 months with you at a time. Plus there are stickers for the dates and for Malaysian holidays.

B'Nottee yellow thin notebook in 3-month planners.

Set includes: 4 quarterly planners, 1 2018 calendar stickers sheet (66pcs)
Packaging: wrapped in designer handmade fabric.


10. 7Teahouse Teabag Postcard Pack of 4

Have you ever heard of teabag postcards? Offered by the Taiwanese tea brand 7Teahouse, this is a set of four bags of tea in the size of postcards, available for mailing. It features tea from the four regions of Taiwan.

Set includes:4 packs of teabags for mailing
Packaging: free holiday gift-ready packaging


If they love you

11. 3-Layer Holiday Explosion Box

Make them a handmade explosion box packed with surprises and your memories together! This 3-layered box is choc-full of 10 details, inserts and a center box for you to customize.

Black and Red Holiday Explosion Box

Set includes: a pre-made 3-layer explosion box
Packaging: The explosion box is a packaged gift!
See also: 4-layer Explosion Box


These gifts should satisfy all the stationery lovers on your list! To browse more, browse all free gift-wrapping stationery products on Pinkoi!

Remember, for stores that offer holiday gift-wrapping, be sure to double check their individual policies and options!

Season’s greetings! Buy gifts on Pinkoi by budget, shop personalized gifts, choose from Pinkoi’s beloved classics, and give gifts worth remembering!
Plus, every day until 12/25, play our scratch game and win cash rewards for all your holiday shopping.


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