9 Tattoo Placement Ideas to For Your Temporary Tattoos

Now that you’ve got some original temporary tattoos exactly your style, you are your own body artist. Where will you apply them? Jewelry tattoos on the wrist, skulls on the arm? Too predictable! There are tons of body placements to experiment original looks with, so be creative and have more fun than others with your tattoos!


1. Back of the Neck

Eye Chart Tattoo from Miss Surprise

Feeling low-key about your new tattoo? Wear it on the back of your neck, where it snuggles nicely behind your hair and collar. When you’re ready to show off, just pull your hair into a ponytail.

2. Wrist

Postmark Tattoo from Story of Ink

It’s not just any postmark—but a bar stamp that reminds you of last night.


3. Thigh

Boho Tattoo from LAZY DUO

Wearing anything on your thigh will make you feel different. These gothic hand-drawn tattoo is definitely not your mother’s garter!


4. Fingertips

Eyeball Tattoos from Miss Surprise

Be unpredictable with this secret weapon at the photo booth!


5. Calf

Alice in Wonderland Tattoos from Paperself

Scattered small tattoos bubbling up your calf adds an artistic touch for a pretty feet outfit.


6. Shoulder

Chain Tattoo from Miss Surprise

The simplest designs can be the most versatile! Move a simple band from the arm to the shoulder and blur the line between your body and clothes with a Gestalt-ish strap.

7. Collar Bone

Swinging Twenties Tattoo from Paperself

Love statement jewelry but dislike the weight? The collar bone area is the best playground for elaborate designs minus the clutter!


8. Waist

Temporary Tattoos from Miss Surprise

It’s cropped top season again! Besides showing your skin, also show a tattoo motto that you stand by. Who says beauty is skin deep?


9. Face

Star Tattoo from Miss Surprise

Face paint and tattoos are common in street fashion lookbooks—it’s a challenge to current aesthetics and the driving force to youth subculture!


Temporary tattoos are just that—temporary—so there’s no reason to hold back. Don’t worry about how it’ll look, don’t save them for the perfect moment; just keep on creating!

Let’s get you started!

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